Download Windows Terminal, the new command prompt for Windows 10

Windows Terminal is the name of the new application to use command-line tools on Windows 10, so to access the command prompt, Powershell or even Linux bash that can be installed in Windows 10. With Windows Terminal, Microsoft has created a unique command-line interface that can be used with every command line terminal, which has several important features such as the tabbed view, customization, support for programming languages ​​and scripts and much more.
The application is, for the moment, only available in a test preview version, so it may have some limitations and lacks an easy-to-use settings menu, but otherwise can now replace the command prompt and Powershell satisfactorily.

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Windows Terminal can be downloaded and installed by Github or, more simply, from Microsoft Store with a download and an automatic installation and without technical difficulties. Windows 10 1903 or later is required to work.
Once installed, it can be opened as an app from the Start menu and notice that it is a more beautiful and more advanced version of the old command prompt, with support for key combinations, copy and paste and various other functions. The best thing there division into tabs, to open more terminals in the same window and keep them close at hand.
Other features are the Unicode encoding system, UTF-8 character support, GPU text rendering acceleration, profiles for each open shell, themes and custom styles.
The settings can be opened by pressing the down arrow at the top next to the +, where it is possible to open Terminal windows that are also different from the command prompt, including the Linux shells that were installed by the Microsoft Store (like Ubuntu for example ). Unfortunately, the settings are currently made up of a text file called profiles.json, which is not easy to change if you are not a programmer.

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