Dropbox welcomes AI: Introducing Dropbox Dash and Dropbox AI

In the same hours that Intel announces LDM3D, Dropbox confirms its commitments in the AI ​​sector by unveiling Dropbox Dash e Dropbox AInew tools based on artificial intelligence that will help all users – individuals, companies or institutions – to better organize their work and make it faster, optimizing the time needed to edit files.

Recent advances in AI and ML, for that matter, have opened up a new world of possibilities to be exploited as soon as possible, improving the way you work. The two new Dropbox solutions will do just that, but what exactly are their functions?

Discover Dropbox AI and Dash

Let’s proceed with order from Dropbox Dash. What is it about? The company describes this tool as the ultimate solution for the universal research based on artificial intelligence, ready to connect all the tools, content and apps used by a user in a single search bar. With connectors for major platforms like Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce and more, you can find every document in one place, or create tasks without switching between apps.

What’s more, Dash is powered by machine learning, so it evolves as you use it. In addition to the universal search, however, the Dash browser extension includes additional features such as the intelligent collection of links and files via Stacks, and the single dashboard to simplify web browsing throughout the day. In the future, Dash will also be able to tap into your and your company’s insights to answer questions and surface relevant content using generative AI.

Dropbox AI search

Dropbox AI, on the other hand, allows you to view quick summaries of documents and videos particularly rich in information, as well as obtaining all the necessary information during work, avoiding tedious manual searches among all the available files. And soon, users will be able to use proprietary AI on personal folders or across their entire account. Dropbox AI is currently in alpha version and starting today, it will be available in the US to all Dropbox Pro customers and begin rolling out to select Dropbox Teams for testing.

Source: Dropbox


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