Do we want to create an original musical accompaniment? Let’s see how to use the best free and complete drum machine sites

Drum machine for free

A drum machine it is an electronic musical instrument capable of reproducing sounds or audio samples, generating the sounds of a drum or percussion in general.

In addition to drums and at percussion we can also add bass, synthesizers, claps and other characteristic sounds, thus creating the perfect backing track to accompany a song played on the guitar or other musical instruments.

Below, i best sites with drum machines to create musical accompaniments onlineto be used immediately inside the browser without downloading anything onto the computer, for free.

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Best drum machine sites

1) Peel it is an excellent site for using a drum machine, thanks to the presence of 11 different percussion instruments, a metronome at the bottom left and two buttons at the top right to start playback and to immediately share our creation. We can also save the composition created by pressing the button with the three dots at the top and selecting the item Save to diskobtaining an audio file that can also be played offline.

2) OneMotion Drum Machine is another excellent site to use online to create percussion with the main drum machine instruments. From the interface we can choose which instruments to add, change the volume, change the sound effect of the room, use the Pad keys to play the various elements of the drums, control the playback speed and graphically display a virtual drum played based on the percussions activated on the site .

3) Drumbit is a simple but complete drum machine site with a graphical viewer, ready-to-use demos, a set of effects, various drum machine kits, volume and pitch control panels, a metronome and the ability to save and load your own drum machine projects at any time, saving and resuming work already done.

4) WebAudio Machine it is a very simple drum machine site with 6 different percussion instruments, freely editable kits and effects, a precise and effective metronome, 5 ready-to-use demos and various control bars for applying effects and pitches.

5) HTML5 Virtual Drum Machine it is another valid alternative to the drum machines seen so far, thanks to the presence of 13 percussions, numerous effects kits, two demos for saving your own percussions, a configuration bar and two Play and Save buttons, useful for starting playback of the base created and to save the composition on the PC.

6) music presents itself as an excellent site for drum machines, recreating 7 percussions with effects very similar to those of a real drum. In the site interface we find the button to start playback, the metronome button, the swing button, the button for choosing the tempo, the button with various usable presets and the clean button to use a drum machine from scratch.

7) Virtual Drumming it can be considered one of the most complete drum machines that we can use directly online. With its 10 percussions it will make every musical accompaniment more engaging, also thanks to the presence of three different presets, metronome and rhythm options just a click away, the possibility of saving up to 10 different compositions and saving them in local memory.

8) Drum Machine Lite it is the perfect online drum machine for those who don’t want any presets and want to fill each percussion personally, using 7 predefined percussions and choosing only the metronome tempo; we can however fill it with one of the demos present at the top left of the drum machine.

9) Wambox It’s another excellent blank and customizable drum machine, with 8 percussion instruments available, various drum kits to select from and all the controls to manage volumes, playing time, swing and level. Also in this case we can save the project for future use or reset everything with the simple help of a button.

10) Google Drum Machine is a Google experiment based on a drum machine, capable of reproducing various types of sounds and percussions, using the filters present within the site. As a drum machine it is perhaps less clear than the others but it still allows you to customize the tempo, the action of the percussions and to randomly generate new sounds with the simple press of a button.


Drum machines can be really useful for budding musicians who cannot immediately count on the help of a live drummer, emulating the cymbals and drum percussion directly from the PC browser.

In addition to the battery we can also use other percussion or add sounds such as claps, horns and whistles, depending on the type of drum machine used.

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