Dual Wi-Fi and cable connections for faster speeds on Android

Dual Wi-Fi and cable connections for faster speeds on Android

The data transfer speed of our phones Androidin the near future, could be much higher.

This is what emerges from the analysis of some portions of code, carried out by Assemble Debug and reported by Android Authority. Following these investigations, in fact, a reference to a potential instrument named was found MultiTransportD2dTransport. The name, in itself, is not very clear: however, what makes everything clearer is a line of text that clarifies its function.

The reference speaks of “Copying using cable and Wi-Fi for fastest speed” or “Copy via cable and Wi-Fi for maximum speed“. According to what industry experts have deduced, all this seems to be a reference to data transfer between smartphones, using the aforementioned two channels.

Although data on this matter is still scarce and it may be something that is still in its very early stages, the path traced by Google in this sense seems clear.

Wi-Fi and cable together for data transfer and more: here’s what experts discovered in the Android code

The analysis of the code by Assemble Debug, however, also led to other interesting discoveries.

This is called a named function Restore Anytime, whose real usefulness is currently shrouded in mystery. This could always be about the data transfer (photos, contacts, text messages) when the user decides to replace the smartphone and pass data from the old device to the new one.

On the other hand, Google has been working for years to implement new and useful functions to its platform. For example, a feature was recently introduced to counteract the bloatware which some manufacturers include on their devices. In other cases, the developers have instead focused on finding solutions for those who use the phone in low light conditions.

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