DuckDuckGo encrypted synchronization: here are all the advantages

DuckDuckGo encrypted synchronization: here are all the advantages

With the introduction of encrypted syncthe browser proposed by DuckDuckGo aims to win the hearts of an ever-increasing number of users.

We are talking about a solution that allows you to synchronize the data present on the browser even on different devices. This is done by scanning a codice QR through the camera of the smartphone or by entering a specific code on the computer.

This is all possible through crittografia end-to-end applied right on the synchronization process. And the best part is that everything is possible without users having to use a personal account.

A significant convenience, which could help the browser based on the search engine of the same name to carve out a more important position in the sector, always taking into account that it has to deal with some almost unattainable competitors.

DuckDuckGo’s encrypted syncing is cross-platform and does not require registering an account

To make the most of encrypted synchronization, DuckDuckGo creates a small network. After the initial setup, the various devices remain connected to each other, maintaining the favorites not password avoiding potential external interference.

Synchronization, among other things, allows you to act on a multiplatform level. This means that the browser can synchronize data on devices with an operating system Windowsas well as on macOS, Android e iOS.

In order to make a more complete service, the browser developers allow you to generate a recovery PDF, where there is a unique code useful in case of loss of access. The document, once created, also contains the QR Code useful for incorporating new devices into the encrypted network.

As already mentioned, this implementation could push many users to at least try this browser. This, in fact, especially side privacy offers some very interesting insights, such as tracking protection systemthe automatic cookie management and other solutions not available on other similar software.

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