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DVDs: Here’s why you should choose them for data storage

In the 90s and 00s i DVD they were one little big revolution. They offered memorization capacity significantly higher than those of CDs and combined a greater data transfer speed.

Today the vast majority of users consider the DVD a device of oldschool, if not even surpassed. The reasons are many: starting from the distribution of even better performing external storage devicessuch as latest generation pen drives and hard disks.

Up to the possibility of storing precious data within server cloud: a solution that seems to overcome the problems related to deterioration of physical parts of the devices. And which among other things does not require the transport of any components.

Yet there are circumstances in which DVD data storage is still very useful. On some occasions even more useful than the one on hard disk. It’s all about understanding what your needs are.

The limitations of DVD storage

We will start by pointing out that DVDs present different disadvantages compared to the latest storage technologies. Think for example of 4.7 GB memory limitwhich is now surpassed by many USB sticks on the market.

Not to mention the transfer speed, which is not even remotely comparable to that of hard disks. Suffice it to say that DVDs promised a speed of maximum write of 33.36 MBps (speed x24). And that the average clock And of 21.12 MBpscorresponding to the speed x16.

Finally, DVDs have a disproportionate cost compared to that of other external storage devices. To give a concrete example, it is possible to think of a pack of 50 DVD-R: its price fluctuates between 20 and 40 eurosfor a total of approximately 235GB of storage.

Added to this is the fact that there are different DVD categories on average moreexpensive: for example DVD-RWs rewritablebut also DVDs that provide storage space da 8.5 GB.

From this point of view, choosing another type of storage device is decidedly convenient. Just think that one USB pendrive and 256 GB of memory can be purchased for around 20 euros. And what a hard disk external from 1 TB of memory can be purchased for around 50 euros.

When is it best to archive on DVD

The data that emerged in the previous paragraphs could discourage a user from purchasing DVDs. But there is a field in which this device knows no rivals: that of longevity. DVDs are designed to ensure a operation for at least 20 years. A duration not even remotely comparable to that of a USB stick or a hard disk esterno.

And the duration increases further if you buy the so-called Archival quality DVD. Devices made with high quality materials, for counteract the main reason for “breakage” of the generic DVD: the deterioration the chemical composition of the dye, the reflective layer and the adhesive bond.


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