Edge: Microsoft tries to attract Chrome users with Copilot

Se Edge has, for some time, changed gear by catching up with its competitors, the introduction of Copilot may have given a further boost to this run-up.

Specifically, the version Android del browser Microsofthas been able to enjoy an optional update that offers improved Copilot support.

The digital assistant based onArtificial intelligence has been the protagonist of the desktop version of the app for some time now but, with this latest innovation, this tool seems to adapt even more specifically to the mobile context. Android users, in fact, now can take screenshots from your screen e talk with Copilot and your browser.

In fact, it is possible, while browsing online, to ask the assistant to generate an image through AIa function dubbed by Microsoft as Mobile Copilot Chat with Images. In fact, it should be specified that Copilot for Edge is also available on iOS. Despite this, on Android these advanced functions are, at least at the moment, more refined.

Edge and Copilot arrive on Android: the Microsoft browser challenges Chrome

An Android user with Edge can actually use the assistant as if he were in a desktop environment, with the possibility of creating songs, summarizing articles, exploiting the enormous potential of FROM-E 3 and many other more or less useful functions depending on the specific user.

In fact, this shower of opportunities seems to have a clear intent: Microsoft is attacking Android users who, for obvious reasons, are faithfully anchored to Google Chrome. At this point it could be interesting to see how and if the Mountain View giant will respond to this move: although Edge currently has a tiny market share on Android, things could change rapidly in a short time.

All this always taking into account that Copilot, despite being an already complete and functional virtual assistant, will certainly be improved and refined in the future. The recent update to GPT-4in this sense, is an appetizer of what we can expect over the next few months and years.


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