The well-known PDF file editor is updated: a brief guide to the news that UPDF presents to users in the month of March 2023.

It is not easy to identify a software that allows you to manage the entire life cycle of PDF documentsespecially if your needs are not limited to the simple consultation of the file content, the compilation of the integrated forms, the rotation of the pages and little else.

UPDF PDF Editor is a complete and versatile application that allows you to read and edit PDFsadd notes, convert documents from one format to another, sign, compress and organize PDFs, complete forms, process image content through optical character recognition (OCR), merge multiple files into one and upload them to the cloud.

For a limited period of time UPDF PDF Editor is offered with a 50% discount on the list price.

In the final part of the article we offer more information on how to buy one of the best programs to edit PDF that the market offers today.

Among the main advantages of UPDF, in fact, there is the policy of licensing which is adopted: the purchase of a single license automatically entitles you to use the application on all your devices: Windows, macOS, Android e iOS. The so-called “Perpetual plan” saves users the inconvenience of having to renew their subscription every year: with a single order you ensure the possibility of receiving updates of UPDF indefinitely.

Edit and sync PDF between all devices with UPDF PDF Editor (50% discount)

The strength of UPDF is also in the continuous development of the software: the developers of the program release on a monthly basis updates which gradually add new features to the product. It’s not something you see often and being able to rely on a software for PDF management which is continuously enriched with new features is certainly a significant advantage.

The latest in UPDF PDF Editor

Speaking of updates, the UPDF developers have just started distributing a new release of the program which contains two important new features: the possibility of firmare i PDF and upload it to the cloud storage service UPDFCloud.

Per sign PDFs with UPDF just open the file of interest, click on the icon Comment in the left column then choose the button Business in the top toolbar (it’s the last one on the right). UPDF allows you to create and keep stored up to 4 handwritten signatures to add in the PDF document at the desired position.

Edit and sync PDF between all devices with UPDF PDF Editor (50% discount)

Sync PDFs across devices with UPDFCloud

The latest version of UPDF integrates a tool called UPDFCloud which looks like a container into which you can upload your PDF documents.

UPDF users can directly open files that have been uploaded to the cloud, view them and possibly edit them from the application interface. As the changes come sync with other devices on which UPDF is installed, UPDFCloud is an excellent tool for always having the most updated version of the same files on each device.

Automatic synchronization of PDF files with UPDFCloud is currently supported in the Windows and macOS versions of UPDF; from April 2023 the same novelty will also be brought to its debut on Android and iOS terminals.

They are offered to every user of UPDF for free 10GB of cloud space while the size of each individual PDF file cannot exceed 2 GB.

UPDF, an editor that helps you edit, convert, OCR, merge and organize PDF files

The simplicity with which UPDF allows you to edit PDFs is truly disarming: just open the document of your interest, click on the Modify PDF then select, in the right part of the window, the texts and images on which you want to intervene.

UPDF does not use “shortcuts”: it allows you to reposition the boxes containing text and images on the page of the PDF document, intervenes on the texts with the possibility of changing the font, size, color and style. The images are resizable, rotatable, cropable and replaceable to your liking. You can also delete any element that makes up the PDF or add new ones (texts, images and links).

Edit and sync PDF between all devices with UPDF PDF Editor (50% discount)

Very often PDF documents play the role of a simple container for images acquired by scanner or from a mobile device. This happens for example when the user inserts the scan of a paper page.

Edit and sync PDF between all devices with UPDF PDF Editor (50% discount)

With one click your Recognize text using OCRUPDF first of all allows you to create a new PDF that contains the scanned image but each textual element becomes searchable with the function Finds of any PDF viewer as well as selectable and pasteable elsewhere (key combinations CTRL+C e CTRL+V).

Edit and sync PDF between all devices with UPDF PDF Editor (50% discount)

In the example, the text present on the page acquired as an image and inserted in the PDF (moreover with a rather poor quality…) is correctly recognized by UPDF and becomes selectable as well as searchable (CTRL+F).

With UPDF, it is possible to define the layout of the text, detect the optimal resolution for the images within the document, specify whether or not to optimize the graphic elements present in the file to make it lighter and more easily manageable.

One of the aspects that puts most programs similar to UPDF in crisis is the PDF conversion in other formats. The application allows you to transform the content of PDF in WordPowerPoint, Excel, CSV, RTF, Text, Image, XML and HTML files.

UPDF integrates more options for conversion: by default the program tends to create a file that is as close as possible to the original PDF. For example if you decide to convert from PDF to Word, UPDF can maintain page layout, preserve columns, formatting, graphics and text flow. In the case of particularly complex PDFs, you can opt for “Exact reconstruction“: in this case UPDF prefers the use of text boxes to fine-tune the position of each item.

Edit and sync PDF between all devices with UPDF PDF Editor (50% discount)

With one click your Organize pages it’s possible modify the structure of the PDF in progress by intervening for example on the ordering of the pages, on their rotation, replacement and elimination.

The toolbar also allows you to extract pages selected and generate a new PDF document containing only the portion of the document of interest.

From the same screen, with a click on Divisionit’s possible split the PDF in multiple files asking for a new document to be created after “N” pages.

Vice versa, by clicking on the button insert it’s possible merge PDFs creating a single file. With a click on the tile Batch in the UPDF welcome screen you can batch convert and merge multiple PDF documents. This is a very useful feature if you have to deal with a large number of files and don’t want to waste time managing them one by one.

Edit and sync PDF between all devices with UPDF PDF Editor (50% discount)

From the same screen, by clicking on insertyou can optionally add the content of the same PDF file into several separate documents.

UPDF price promotion and comparison with other editors

Before evaluating the purchase of UPDF, we suggest comparing UPDF with Adobe Acrobat, Nitro, Foxit PDF Editor and so on.

By taking advantage of the promotion on UPDF, you can immediately get a 50% discount on the list price of the program (perpetual subscription plan).

The latter proves to be particularly convenient because you get a UPDF license without expiration which allows you to receive all updates for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS for free as soon as they are released.

The UPDF online store supports the main methods of secure payment including major credit cards and PayPal.


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