Elden Ring meets the Lord of the Rings

Thanks to an enthusiast who published a video related to one of his many works, we were able to see the meeting of Elden Ring and the work created by JRR Tolkien in a glimpse of the game.
Elden Ring meets the Lord of the Rings

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It could be written by an English writer born in the second half of the 1800s, but instead it is the fruit of the imagination of an enthusiast who brought together the work created by FromSoftware with the work created by JRR Tolkien. In a video posted on TikTok, the making of the Hobbits Frodo and Sam in the lands of Gondor meant that Elden Ring can be remembered and seen also in these guises.

The work done for the realization of this project is incredible, thinking that the author has thought of everything based not only on the cinematographic work but also the paper one, finding different references, such as:

  • Frodo Leaving Rivendell – Frodo and Sam’s first night on the road, camping out under the stars after a nice Shire-style sausage dinner.
  • Frodo and Sam move across the plains, which makes for a truly proper dive within this landscape.
  • Hide from the Ringwraiths outside Bree as they make their way to Buckleberry Ferry.
  • Frodo’s sword glows blue if he gets close to any enemy.
  • Sam rushes to kill Shelob and save Frodo.
  • You can see Frodo lying on the ground helpless, but still alive, as Sam finishes the job – that’s a nice touch.
  • Traveling through the Swamps of Death.
  • Moving through Mordor.
  • Hide at the Eye of Sauron near Mount Doom.
  • Frodo overlooks some mountains: it is easy to imagine that in this scenario Frodo and Sam have recently separated from the rest of the company after leaving the Moira mines. Frodo and Sam are then filmed in the caves of Mount Doom.

    At the moment, it is not possible to see every video made by the author, but still it is nice to think that the work behind this project has reached a very high level.


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