Elon Musk bans iPhones from his companies: here’s why

Elon Musk bans iPhones from his companies: here's why

Elon Muskthe owner of companies like Tesla, SpaceX, X e xAI announced that it will ban the use of Apple devices among its employees.

This rather drastic decision was made by the South African-born entrepreneur when he learned of the integration of ChatGPT in the ecosystem Apple. Although Musk himself is one of the founding members of OpenAI, he has distanced himself from the startup, complete with controversy. According to Musk, using ChatGPT in his business context represents a “Unacceptable security breach“.

In the past few hours, he has made unflattering statements towards both OpenAI and ChatGPT.

Stop Apple in Musk’s companies due to ChatGPT

In fact, Elon Musk seems to have already started a real war against the partnership between Apple and ChatGPT, announced yesterday in the context of WWDC24.

Replying to a tweet from Tim Cookthen, the eccentric businessman defined Apple Intelligence as a sort of “Creepy spyware“, then adding how Apple has no idea how OpenAI processes data.

On the other hand, the feud between OpenAI and Musk has been known to the public for some time. The same led to the birth of Grokthe new AI created by xAI to counter chatbots OpenAI e Anthropic defined as woke and therefore ideologically aligned.

Yesterday evening, Apple assured how the data processed via ChatGPT and Siri are totally safe with regards to privacy, also thanks to the implementation of Apple Intelligencethe new AI launched just yesterday by the Cupertino company.

Despite Musk’s proclamations, it seems unlikely that he will be able to keep his word. The entrepreneur has thousands of employees spread across the world and forcing some of them to change mobile devices may not be so feasible.

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