Elon Musk traumatizes Twitter employees, promising layoffs and mild restraint

The rendezvous between Musk and the Twitter employees has been concluded a few hours ago, during which the billionaire future buyer of the social network has dealt with various issues dear to the workforce of the blue canary, not at all reassured by the answers.
Elon Musk traumatizes Twitter employees, promising layoffs and mild restraint

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In the past few hours, the highly anticipated comparison video call was held between Elon Musk, CEO of Space X and Tesla, and the employees of the social network who, now on the verge of receiving the requested data, would be preparing to buy, or Twitter.

One of the first issues Musk addressed was the employment factor. The billionaire stressed that, to date, costs in Twitter exceed revenue and that, to restore the platform to health, corrections will be needed: one of these will be, for example, to bring daily active users from the current 229 million, declared in the first quarter of 2022, to 1 billion. However, in addition to the user factor, it will also be necessary to intervene by rationalizing the workforce, in order to return to growth: to reassure the employees, in this sense, the declaration has arrived according to which anyone who makes a significant contribution to agency.

Another issue touched upon was that of remote working, introduced at the time under the direction of Jack Dorsey, with the company not more than a few months ago promising employees that they could work from home indefinitely. Musk has clearly expressed his preference for face-to-face work: however, he admitted that the case of Tesla (whose employees will have to ensure at least 40 hours per week in presence in one of the main offices of the company) is different, since it is of a company that produces cars (and producing them remotely is not possible). In the case of Twitter, if an employee is exceptionally good at his job and needs to work remotely, there will be no reason to fire him, given that, essentially, he believes in meritocracy: in any case, even by granting remote work, Musk he promised to check with the managers of the platform if the remote workers are “contributing positively to the company”.

On the subject of free speech, Musk declared, in the name of its absolutism, that on Twitter people should be able to say what they want, even outrageous things: the important thing, after all, is that Twitter does not promote these things. with users who will always be able to filter what they want to see or not. A measure of the platform’s good work in moderating will eventually come if it has dissatisfied left and right extremists alike.

Musk then also commented on the issue of his role in Twitter, after the transaction took place, explaining that he is not interested in being the CEO of the blue canary since he is keen to “guide the product in a particular direction, but (which, ed) does not he’s too obsessed with titles “. Finally, the theme of inclusiveness, with the billionaire, in this sense that, returning to the growth objectives of the social network, he declared “that the most inclusive thing to do would be to bring all human beings on Twitter”.


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