Enable live subtitles in Chrome for each video or music

How to activate automatic subtitles to read on the screen what is said in streaming videos or the lyrics of songs in Chrome.

sottotitoliThe new function of live subtitles in Google Chrome is really fantastic and allows you to read what is said in any video and not only, even the lyrics of the songs listened to in streaming. Live subtitles are a feature exclusive to some smartphones, where you can enable them for videos recorded with the camera or any other video playing on the phone. We talked about the automatic subtitles on Android, with system settings or other external applications, in another article.

The recent novelty is the possibility of being able to use the same technology that Google uses on Android, even on the PC, using Google Chrome. It then becomes possible to have automatic subtitles appear every time you open a streaming video from the internet or even when you listen to a song on Spotify. The subtitles work well, they are generated by Google technology and allow you to read on the screen what is said orally in a video or follow the lyrics of a song. The only limitation, for the moment, is that these subtitles only work when listening to a video or a song in English because Italian is not yet supported.

How to enable instant subtitles in Google Chrome

To find the option that activates automatic subtitles on Chrome, you need to press the key with three dots at the top right and go to Settings. From here, click on Advanced Settings to find the options accessibility where you can activate the switch Real-time subtitles. The subtitle settings lead you to configure the Windows 10 options related to subtitles, which can then be customized in the graphical aspect.

Once this option is enabled, a package of speech recognition files is downloaded from Chrome. Once finished, close Chrome, reopen it and then open any video on Youtube, Netflix, or other sites, or even play an English song on Spotify to see the subtitles appear at the bottom. The subtitle box can also be moved around the screen and zoomed in.

In addition, when you open a video or audio in Google Chrome, a new icon appears in the browser bar with a mini media player. where is the option to enable or disable instant subtitles for each video or audio?

Automatic subtitles work well, although it depends on how fast the video or audio track you are listening to is, otherwise it may not be able to follow it. Keep in mind, that subtitles work even if the PC volume is turned off, so it can be a great option to follow a video interview or other type of video without disturbing those around or in the same room.

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