The segment of true wireless earphones continues to arouse the attention (and appetites) of the great hi-tech brands, including Oppo which, in the past few hours, has deployed the new Enco Air 2, with AI noise cancellation and Bluetooth 5.2.
Enco Air 2: Oppo's new true wireless earphones official

Although the Enco X2 earphones were presented just last month, the Chinese brand Oppo has just announced a new model of wireless earpods, the Enco Air 2, in the same event that featured the accessible middle-range smartphone K10.

Always launched in India, although it is not excluded that they also arrive in the West (perhaps in one of those promos that would see them given away together with some top range on day one), the Oppo Enco Air 2, available in white, black and light blue. , enjoy IPXC4 waterproofing against sweat and splashes of water but, for a firm fit, they rely on the temples, being of the semi-in-ear type and therefore without silicone rubber pads.

The presence of the rods becomes functional, however, also when it comes to receiving the touches (double, triple, pressure) with which to adjust the volume, the music (pause, start, skip tracks), awaken the voice assistant, and even engage a mode low latency binaural (94 milliseconds) maybe for when you are playing games or watching a movie and you want the images to be perfectly synchronized with the sound. The latter, in the Oppo Enco Air 2, is delivered by 13.4 mm drivers with titanium diaphragm, credited with a better performance than the first model of earphones.

Added to this is the benefit, in terms of connection stability, of Bluetooth 5.2 with support for SBC and AAC codecs and, during music streaming, the possibility of setting a mode with live effects (to be chosen from Clear Vocals, to enhance the sung pieces, or Bass Boost, perhaps to better enjoy songs like “Gangsta Walk” by Coolio ft. Snoop Dogg). Obviously, there is no lack of attention to phone calls, benefiting from an AI based environmental noise cancellation system.

For autonomy, BBK has equipped Oppo’s Enco Air 2 earphones so that, when fully charged, they guarantee 4 hours of music playback, with a total of 24 hours that are achieved thanks to the 5 charging cycles offered by the case: this The last, in detail, can be loaded in Type-C, has a spherical shape with an opaque lower part and a translucent plastic roof and, in addition, it supports the Flash Connect function, by virtue of which the earphones are coupled as soon as it is opened the aforementioned custody.

Finally, the promo launch with which the Enco Air 2 earphones were accompanied to the debut, from 29 March, which Oppo has priced – on the official store and on Flipkart – at 2,499 rupees (about 30 euros) with a gift one year subscription to the service to Disney + Hotstar.


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