Endpoint security: how to improve it with NinjaOne

In the field of information security, theendpoint refers to a remote device, such as a computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any other piece of equipment that connects to a network. Endpoints are the end points of access to a network and can be both physical and virtual. There endpoint security it is essential because these systems often become the gateway for cyber attacks.

I cyberattacchi they have become much more complex and harder to detect than in the past. In turn, professionals and businesses continue to invest in security solutions: according to Forbes, investments in this type of instrument will increase by 65% ​​in 2023. The basic problem is that in the vast majority of cases they are used too much softwarecomplex, poorly interoperable, and unable to provide 360-degree protection.

According to Microsoft Digital Defense Report 202276% of companies do not have one patch management and vulnerabilities. 50% of companies have unmanaged or legacy systems accessing their networks. 44% of companies do not make sure that i backup are consistent and effectively usable. In scenarios like these, the chances of success are cyber criminals they increase significantly.

The endpoint management it is a critical aspect of protecting the corporate infrastructure: it involves configuring, monitoring, securing and updating individual systems to ensure security and compliance with each organization’s policies.

NinjaOne protects corporate endpoints from a single administration console

The platform NinjaOne Simplify endpoint-level security management with a single dashboard that integrates tools to:

  • Gain deep visibility into endpoints and ongoing activities
  • Simplify the patching process by making it less time consuming and more consistent
  • Strengthen defenses on the single endpoint to reduce the attack surface
  • Start and manage cloud-based backups
  • Administer each device remotely without the need to activate a VPN connection
  • Facilitate software fleet management on each system

NinjaOne is a solution “native cloud” which allows you to manage all user devices from a single console. With NinjaOne, IT staff can consolidate tools and streamline common workflows to achieve maximum efficiency and deliver a superior user experience.

IT staff can thus take key measures to improve securitybenefiting from deep visibility into managed endpoints, simplifying patching activities, taking action to strengthen defenses (hardening) of the endpoints, starting and managing backups. All from a single console.

Thanks to the automation scripts, NinjaOne helps protect servers and workstations from cyber attacks: the IT team does not have to repeat the same operations each time on the various systems connected in the local network. Once you have installed theagent of NinjaOne, the interventions are applied automatically. And this whether it’s scheduled activities or the operations to be carried out the first time a new system is connected.

In a dedicated page NinjaOne paints a picture of the main types of endpoints, presenting some concrete examples.

Deep visibility into each endpoint

The visibility on endpoints is essential to strengthen the security of the company and protect the data it manages on a daily basis. Professionals who use the NinjaOne platform can administer remotely any corporate workstation and server, inside and outside the network.

The cloud-based approach that NinjaOne proposes avoids the technician having to establish a vpn connection with each of the locations managed. The settings and status of each system can be accessed from asingle interface User-friendly website. NinjaOne in fact allows the complete management of any device connected to the Internetregardless of the network to which it is connected and its geographical location.

The dashboard of NinjaOne also ensures the device monitoring in real time, it produces notifications for devices that are no longer compliant and that present potential security risks, it suggests the necessary actions to protect the devices and the entire network from any local and remote attacks.

With NinjaOne you can also get a software inventory complete and intervene on individual machines or groups of them (even on the entire fleet of devices) to install or uninstall applications with a simple click.

Simplified patch application and management

The timely application of security patches, not only at the operating system level but also on the individual software installed, is essential to avoid the vast majority of attacks. The statistics cited by NinjaOne highlight how 57% of violations could have been avoided thanks to patches.

74% of companies declare that they are unable, for various reasons, to apply the security updates in a timely manner. So much so that on average at least 102 days pass before a patch is distributed on vulnerable systems. 34% of victims of attacks IT also admits that she knew she was vulnerable but that she was unable to secure the network in time. Finally, 57% of companies say that the patching da remoto it is more complex: it is therefore difficult for IT administrators to protect multiple sites remotely. And even more the devices of employees and collaborators in smart working. Thus, in the era of hybrid and flexible work, the threats tend to claim more and more victims.

Patching of operating systems and hundreds of applications developed by many vendor

NinjaOne allows you to significantly reduce the complexity and time of patching. Same agent mentioned above, are automatically activated remotely for apply patches on any endpoint.

The adaptation procedure of each system is thus completely automated: with NinjaOne it is possible to automatically distribute the patch su Windows, macOS e Linux prior approval, with an approach zero-touch.

To maximize i success rates installation of updates, NinjaOne can wake up remote systems making sure they are available before performing any maintenance operation. Technicians can instantly receive via email, SMS, Slack and other channels the notification of pending or failed patches. Furthermore, for each security gap, the IT administrator can access the data of the known vulnerabilitiesincluding KB articles, CVE bulletins, and CVSS scores.

Hardening degli endpoint

L’hardening degli endpoint helps eliminate as many security risks as possible while minimizing the attack surface, which is the set of all the “pain points” that could eventually be exploited by malicious users and cybercriminals.

Three potential vulnerabilities that NinjaOne is able to find are the use of default administrative accounts or shared administrative credentials between endpoints, unpatched software and firmware, unencrypted drives, open ports, misconfigured infrastructure devices, failure to set the incorrectly configured user permissions and cybersecurity tools.

NinjaOne allows you to identify the unprotected devicesAutomatically deploy and manage third-party security applications from the web console. There is also the ability to verify, locate and correct settings that may be a potential problem.

Reliable backups

Adopt policies of reliable backups in the company is a fundamental step to avoid any data loss. NinjaOne delivers backup plans cloud-based, hybrid and customizable, designed to be flexible enough to adapt to any business need and quickly alert the IT team when something goes wrong.

I data they come protected both when in transit and at rest thanks to the use of encryption. Thus, it is possible to safeguard corporate data both when it is stored locally and when it is archived in the cloud. Thank you storage in poolyou can choose to store backups locally on network attached storage, in the cloud, or both, and assign storage types based on organization, policy, or device.

Thanks to incremental backup at the block level, NinjaOne minimizes the use of storage, network and device resources, reducing costs and impact on end users. All backups are protected by keys of…


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