Energy sector and cybercrime: the experts’ concern

Energy sector and cybercrime: the experts' concern

According to cybersecurity experts, the energy sector it is one of those most at risk when it comes to cybercrime.

The report revealed this X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2023according to which the 10,7% of the cyber attacks of 2022 targeted this area. This data places the energy sector in fourth place regarding the sectors most affected by cybercrime (just behind manufacturing).

Despite a reduction in attacks compared to 2021, this does not mean that we need to lower our guard: the advancement of technology, in fact, has made hacker campaigns even more difficult to detect and block.

Not only that: the sector we are talking about is one of the “lands of conquest” of the most feared ransomware. Just think of the recent attack against Encino Energyan American oil company victim of a theft of 400 GB of data. To date, it is unknown whether the company paid the ransom or not. Ransomware, however, are not the only dangers for those who operate in this area.

Energy sector: Ransomware is not the only threat

Attacks targeting the energy sector include various tactics and technologies. Even more frequent than ransomware attacks are the cases of spear phishing and systems involvement botnet.

As predicted by the aforementioned case of Encino Energy, North America is in first place for attacks, with almost half of those recorded globally (i.e. 46%). Latin America follows, with 23% of cases and then Asia, the Middle East and Africa with the 5%.

According to the data collected the data theft through extortionrepresent the main motivation for the attacks, in 23% of cases, with the simple collection of credentials that settles down to 15%.

What are the forecasts for 2023?

Experts’ forecasts for energy companies are not positive. In fact, for experts, there will be more risks and these will be more difficult to contain.

Prepare for the advent of new technologies, such as the spread of Artificial intelligence and systems machine learningwill be very important to define the best defense strategies.

Just as in any other context, the energy sector must also commit to train your staff and keep it updated with the new challenges and threats that are about to appear on the horizon.

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