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Enhance your photos with Remini, the Bending Spoons app

It is certainly one of the applications that have become popular at an international level this year Reminiscethe software of generative artificial intelligence developed by the Milanese company Bending Spoons able to generate professional portraits from a series of selfies.

After entering nei global trend di TikTok, hundreds of millions of users around the world have downloaded the application which today boasts a base of approximately 70 million users per month. Suffice it to say that in July 2023, for ten days, it was the most downloaded app in the world, even undermining ThreadsMeta’s alternative to Twitter which later became X by Musk’s will.

It is available today for free on both Android and iPhonethe complete set of functions requires a subscription of 9.99 euros per week or 79 euros per year.

What is Remini used for?

To understand the secret of this success, it is good to observe how Remini works. The result of three years of research and investment by Bending Spoons, it is a seemingly simple but incredibly powerful service.

And about ten photos of a face served up to software, artificial intelligence generates and returns synthetic images of the person in question. The promise is to transform old, blurry or damaged photos into professional quality images with just a few taps.

The images produced by Remini appear to be taken in different contexts and locations than those originally depicted, and users have the ability to make a person appear younger or older, or adapt the image for professional or social media purposes. This way, you get a portrait with improved detail, color and clarity, which is ideal to use as a profile photo on LinkedIN o in the course of his life.

The app operates in a way that harks back to one of TikTok’s latest viral trends, such as the Lensa AI phenomenonwhich asks users to capture or upload a series of selfies, specifying gender and other details, as well as selecting a reference photo for the desired style. After a short moment of waiting, a package of twelve proposals to choose from your favorite image, ready to be downloaded.

The potential of generative artificial intelligence

Today, Remini represents almost a third of Bending Spoons’ revenues, whose turnover has grown exponentially in recent years and is destined to increase. A success that is the result of attention to quality and commitment to recruiting the best talents in the engineering, science, creativity and programming sectors.

As he told the Corriere della SeraLuca Ferrari, co-founder and CEO of Bending Spoons, in the world of artificial intelligence the concept of contagion and hybridization is a constant. OpenAI’s powerful ChatGPT is also based on various AI models, many of which presumably incorporate elements of third-party intellectual property. In the case of Remini, although the company has made use of third-party tools, much of the technology was created at home.

The future of generative artificial intelligence is promising but also raises questions about the world of work. Ferrari predicts that, although there will be improvements in efficiency for some professionstechnologies like Remini will gradually make many activities obsolete over the next few decades. This prospect presents significant challenges for welfare and tax systems, as profits will be concentrated among those who hold AI intellectual property.

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