Enter Facebook without a password if the account has been hacked

For many people, seeing their Facebook account hacked and made inaccessible can become a real nightmare, considering all the personal information and photos we’ve shared and saved on the social network.
Before the delinquent can abuse our Facebook page, delete personal information, change photos and write inappropriate messages, we can still attempt to recover the account.
The self we can no longer enter our Facebook social profile, in this guide we will show you how to recover the account without password and report the theft but, above all, we will show you how to prevent violations in the future, so as to make a life for hackers much more difficult.

1) How to reset the password

The easiest way to enter Facebook without a password if the account has been hacked is to connect to the Facebook login page and click on the top entry Do you no longer remember how to access your account?
Facebook password

On the next page, you will be asked to enter the email address we used to log in to Facebook or alternatively the phone number (if we had signed up from the mobile app), then click on Search for.
If the email is valid and has not yet been changed by the hacker, we will receive an email at the address where there is a temporary code, which we can use to access our account again, bypassing the password request.
Since the email is personal, the hacker cannot stop us from re-entering the account even if the password changes!
We then use the code provided in the email or directly click on the link provided in the same to start the password recovery procedure.
Email facebook

If we had used the phone number as a Facebook username, we will receive the security code as an SMS.
In both cases we insert the code in the restore window that we saw earlier and click on Go on; a new Facebook page will open, in which we will be asked to choose a new login password for your account; choose a sufficiently robust one (we recommend at least 8 letters and numbers, with at least one capital letter) and then click on Go on to confirm the password change.
We will have recovered access to our account, now we can do everything necessary to increase account security and kick out any suspicious logins (as we will see at the end of the guide).

2) How to recover a seriously violated account (change email)

If the hacker who violated the account is smart and smart enough to change the email address associated with the account (thus negating our efforts to restore), there is still one possibility: you can enter the username, (in my case pomhey because the page of my profile is www.facebook.com/pomhey) looking for our page on Google (the name is present in the link) or insert your own name and surname.

In this case, we will be asked to confirm the registered mail or the phone number already entered in the system; if they have changed because of the hacker we have to click on the link Can’t you access it anymore?

We enter a new valid e-mail address or phone number and click on Go on; in the next window, we click on Show my trusted contacts and type in the full name of one of them.
Once the verification is completed, a special link will be sent to us via email to restore access, setting the exact email address and changing the account password.
Alternatively we will have to indicate a new e-mail address to get in touch with Facebook, demonstrate our identity (by requesting documents such as identity card and tax code) and receive a new password in a short time (checks will be carried out on the documents and on the IP used, so as to prove that we are the legitimate owners).

3) Report the compromised account

This is not all: even if you manage to enter your account, the account may still remain hacked or hacked, especially if we notice that we are sending spam, viruses or advertisements to friends via private messages.
In this case, we can report compromised accounts to Facebook that will clean up the access and all messages or posts generated from the moment the violation occurred, preventing further problems.
Facebook compromised

4) How to avoid theft and protect your Facebook account

If a hacker managed to get into the account, it would leave visible traces in the account settings -> Security, under the heading Active sessions.
We must, therefore, terminate the suspicious activity (in particular on devices and IPs that we do not recognize) and proceed immediately to change the password, so as to prevent any danger.
Also, you can enable alerts for unauthorized access, the access approval and you can also set a different and temporary password to access Facebook from external applications and clients or on unsafe PCs, so as to leave no trace (temporary passwords can be used only once).
After doing everything possible to regain control of Facebook’s violated account, it’s important to inform friends about what’s happening, in case the hacker abused his profile to spread viruses, advertisements or unpleasant messages.
If you can’t log in to your account, contact Facebook friends by phone, email or other social networks and ask them to notify mutual friends.

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