Error 0x800F0922 with Windows 11 February updates: how to fix

Error 0x800F0922 with Windows 11 February updates: how to fix

To confirm how extensive the problem is, Microsoft has rushed to update the support document known issues and notifications relating to the installations of Windows 11. The technicians of the Redmond company confirm that theerrore 0x800F0922 can show up by installing the February 2024 security updates on both Windows 11 23H2 systems and Windows 11 22H2 machines.

Typically, when the problem now confirmed by Microsoft technicians occurs, the installation of the cumulative update KB5034765 crashes at 96% then Windows 11 shows the message “Something didn’t go as expected. No need to worry, the changes will be reverted. Please keep your computer turned on“.

What causes error 0x800F0922 with Windows 11 and how to resolve the situation

Microsoft does not currently explicitly clarify the reason for the 0x800F0922 error on Windows 11 systems but it is possible to make some hypotheses.

First of all, fortunately, the problem linked to the failure to install the February cumulative update only affects installations of Windows 11 23H2 and 22H2, therefore excluding all machines Windows Server.

Microsoft engineers are working on one corrective patch which will be distributed as soon as possible. In the meantime, however, until a permanent solution is available, the company led by Satya Nadella provides one temporary solution for the benefit of users affected by the problem.

The advice is to type cmd in the Windows 11 search box, choose Run as administrator then type the following:

rd C:\$WinREAgent /s /q

After deleting the folder, you need to restart the system for the February 2024 security updates to install correctly.

The WinRE recovery environment is again responsible for the anomalous behavior

The solution shared by Microsoft is a clear indication of who is causing the problem complained by many Windows 11 users when installing the February 2024 updates.

WinREacronym for Windows Recovery Environment, is a recovery environment integrated into Microsoft operating systems. It is designed to help users fix critical system problems, restore the operating system to a previous state, or perform other maintenance operations.

This special environment allows users to run the system recoveryfix boot problems, restore a previously created system image, access numerous diagnostic and repair tools.

A problem inherent in the management of system partition reserved for WinRE was the cause of the appearance of error 0x80070643 with the KB5034441 package for Windows 10, in January 2024. The error could mean that there is not enough free space in the system reserved partition: the company is working on a permanent solution also for the January update installation problems.

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