eSIM Discovery, Thales and Google get rid of physical smart cards on Android

eSIM Discovery, Thales and Google get rid of physical smart cards on Android

According to the results published in the recent report by GSMA Intelligenceby 2025 there will be over 3.4 billion enabled devices e.g (including tablets, laptops and smartwatches) and 98% of mobile network operators aim to offer eSIM service by that date. While the offer of eSIMs is also growing significantly in our country, the objective is to further simplify the management of these cards which do not require the use of any physical support.

What is eSIM Discovery: Simplified support on Android devices

In another article we saw what the eSIM is and how to use it on your mobile devices. One of the advantages most obvious, is the possibility of changing operator without having to physically replace the SIM card. The management of mobile connections can be done completely with one approach software-based and since a slot is no longer required to insert a physical SIM, smartphones that support eSIMs can be designed more compactly, allowing for better optimization of internal space.

Today you can also buy SIMs for any country in the world, avoiding the problems and delays resulting from purchasing cards on the spot, with the possibility of activating and deactivating the best offers for the time strictly necessary. Furthermore, the activation of eSIM via SPID and CIE is gaining ground in Europe: in this way a new mobile user becomes immediately operational, without having to overcome the traditional mechanisms of identity check (for example facial recognition, sending a valid document,…).

Thales is the leading eSIM solution provider in Europe and today it covers around 80% of the market in our country. The solution eSIM Discovery by Thales, developed in close collaboration with Google, allows you to manage the activation of eSIMs on Android devices easily, with a single touch.

How the eSIM enabling procedure works with the Thales-Google solution

When you first turn on a device with eSIM, the operating system identifies the corresponding telephone operator and downloads the data to enable mobile access. The eSIM Discovery service looks to make the process even easier and faster.

Thanks to this solution, when a user subscribes to a new mobile network operator, a message appears on the display of his device informing him about the availability of the eSIM profile, ready for download. With a simple confirmation, the mobile plan parameters are downloaded and immediately applied.

Alternatively, the user can check for a new profile via the configuration wizard of your mobile device or the settings menu.

Any mobile operator that currently uses the Thales platform to manage eSIM subscriptions can already integrate with the Discovery solution and start offering all users who have an Android device the possibility of activating the user with a single step.

The collaboration between Thales and Google simplifies and speeds up profile activation on the user’s different devices, improving the level of service. While waiting for the future advent of iSIMs, integrated at the SoC level, a solution on which Qualcomm he’s pushing hard.

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