ESU Windows 10 program: three years of additional support, also for home users

With an update that appeared on the Microsoft blog, the Redmond company confirmed that Windows 10 will be withdrawn on October 14, 2025. The petition asking Microsoft to extend the support period, also consider the market shares of the operating system, therefore it does not appear to have had any effect. At least at the moment.

The only possibility to continue receiving the security updates for Windows 10 systems even after October 14, 2025, consists in the possible activation of the ESU plan (Extended Security Update). Il program ESU Windows 10 it is a paid program, typically reserved for companies that are not in a position to update the operating system to a more recent version or cannot yet set aside older machines.

What is the ESU program and how it works

When Windows 10 reaches the end of support (EOS, End-of-Support), Microsoft will no longer provide bug fixes, security patches, any time zone updates, or technical support for issues you may experience.

Microsoft confirms that Windows 10 22H2 it is in fact the latest version of the successful operating system: all editions, including Enterprise ones, will receive official updates until October 14, 2025. Special versions such as Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise instead, they will continue to receive updates based on their respective ones life cycles.

Users who are entitled to access the program ESUwill get monthly security updates to keep their Windows 10 PCs up to date. The ESU program for Windows 10 will include, in fact, security updates critical and important. However, there are no plans to add new features or distribute non-security updates requested by individual customers.

ESU Windows 10 program extended to professionals and private users

Microsoft has not yet revealed i prices for access to the ESU Windows 10 program. As previously occurred in the case of other versions of the operating system, however, the canon subscription is cheaper in the first year and then increases in the second and third year.

Anyone accessing a Windows 10 system via Windows 365 Cloud PC after October 14, 2025 will automatically receive ESU updates without additional costs. The same thing goes for any instance of Windows 10 created and managed via the cloud platform Microsoft Azure.

The big news, which seems to meet the requests received from many quarters, consists in the launch of a program ESU Windows 10 dedicated to private users. In other words, the possibility of receiving Windows 10 updates beyond the end of support date is no longer limited to larger companies only but becomes accessible to SMEs, professionals and individual users. Again, Microsoft has not yet clarified the entry costs.

Microsoft, of course, advocates thefree update a Windows 11 for all compatible Windows 10 systems. In reality, it is easy to install Windows 11 on a non-compatible PC, even if the company led by Satya Nadella does not support this operation and has long underlined how machines that do not meet the requirements they may no longer receive any updates through Windows Update. Honestly, it is difficult for this to happen: however, it is still good to keep in mind.


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