EU changes rules for PornHub, Stripchat and XVideo

The European Union is making a strong effort to regularize the management of personal data by digital platforms and companies that offer online services and to make the web a safer place, especially for minors. The Digital Services Act (DSA) is the fruit of this commitmenta regulation that was approved in July 2022 and which provides for new obligations for all platforms with the aim of prevent dangers for users and avoid the spread of illegal content and disinformation. Its concrete application began in February 2024.

They also ended up in the DSA’s sights the platforms of adult contentespecially the larger and more famous ones, such as PornHub, StripChat e XVideowhich starting from the next few days will have to adapt to the new legislation which provides for more stringent obligations.

Let’s find out what changes for these platforms and how the application of the rules established by the DSA could change the user experience.

What changes for adult content platforms with the Digital Services Act

The European Commission announced new obligations for the most well-known adult platforms, first of all PornHub. This, together with StripChat and Xvideo and other very large online platforms, which register more than 45 million users in the European Union), will have to develop and present a report containing an evaluation of risksespecially those for minors, and all the measures that the platforms intend to adopt to prevent and remove them.

They will also have to comply with obligations that aim to increase transparency regarding data processing, their provision to researchers, the recommendation system and all actions relating to advertising.

Like all platforms, regardless of their size, they will also have to comply with obligations of a general nature, such as the introduction of warning systems and the removal of all advertisements intended for a target of minors.

To comply with the new obligations, platforms have exactly four months from the notification of their designation provided for by the regulation. Specifically, the new rules come into force for the three platforms mentioned between 21 April and 23 April 2024. Should these entities violate the DSA rules, could receive sanctions.

What changes for users who use PornHub, StripChat and XVideo

How does the user experience change with the new European Union rules? In fact, users will be able to continue using the platforms in the same ways, but they will be able to count on greater security and transparency.

Above all, they will benefit from the rules imposed by the Digital Services Act i minori, to which the European Union pays greater attention. The latter they will have to be protected from all possible risks originating from the dissemination of harmful and illegal content.

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