European Commission against TikTok: new investigation launched

European Commission against TikTok: new investigation launched

L’app TikTok Litelaunched in Spain and France, is causing quite a few problems for the social network.

Apparently, this prompted the European Commission to open an investigation into the platform, suspected of violating the Digital Services Act (DSA). This is not the first time the service ByteDance ends up under the magnifying glass of the EC, given that a similar procedure was started last February.

What makes TikTok Lite a controversial app is the possibility of obtaining points by completing certain activities and, at the same time, the lack of an effective reward mechanism. age verification. For the EC, therefore, these factors can expose children to the risk of a sort of “addiction” to the application.

What does TikTok risk due to non-compliance on EU territory?

The EC’s request, in this sense, is quite clear: a report that analyzes the potential risk of these mechanisms before the app is accepted on the EU territory, so that TikTok Lite fully embraces DSA policies. The deadline for submitting the report was set by April 18 but, apparently, TikTok did not provide any kind of documentation by that deadline. A further extension was granted to the platform, moving the deadline to 3 maggio.

What does ByteDance risk if deadlines are not met? According to the regulation, sanctions can start from‘1% of annual profit total of the company. All this while taking into account that even the investigation from last February is still in progress.

A spokesperson for ByteDance also spoke out in this regard, expressing the company’s disappointment. According to him, the TikTok Lite rewards system is not available to children under 18.

Certainly, it is not an easy period for the platform, also given the moves by the American government which has been threatening a ban on it from its territory for some time.

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