A pleasant surprise today, in fact, it was announced, was thanks to the British of Blaze Entertainment who, specifically, have just presented the Evercade EXP mobile console for retrogaming.
Evercade EXP: official the new console for portable retrogaming

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For some years now, the British brand Blaze Entertainment has been producing consoles for retrogaming: in the past few hours, giving a worthy heir to the original 2020 model, borrowing some specifications from the domestic version of last February, has announced a new handheld console, called Evercade EXP .

Blaze’s third product, the Evercade EXP has a white frame (192.7 x 78.5 x 20.7 mm) dominated by a small 4.3-inch LCD screen, with vivid colors and a good resolution (800 x 480 pixels), that from the IPS technology derives advantages in terms of viewing angles. A joystick is missing, but there are two new L2 / R2 triggers and, by rotating the device vertically, to the right of the directional pad, there are two A / B buttons, which operate in support of Tate Mode, useful for playing scrolling titles vertical (eg Burger Time, Truxton and Centipede).

To sprint the Evercade EXP, the manufacturer has chosen a quadcore processor cloccato at 1.5 GHz of operating frequency, supported by 4 GB as the amount for the RAM: the games are not pre-installed.

In this specific case, it is possible to play (with due exceptions) all 300 games (with official license) of the Evercade ecosystem, divided into 30 cartridges (each from 19.99 dollars for the American market) of 10 titles each: the The normal version of the new console will contain, in the kit, in pre-order from September for 149 euros, the cartridge with the titles of the IREM software house. The limited version, already sold-out as far as pre-orders are concerned, will have a different color (black), a carrying case, various bonuses and, above all, two cartridges (in addition to that of IREM, that of Toplan is added).

The technical data sheet of the Evercade EXP console is completed by a 3,000 mAh battery that can be charged via microUSB Type-C (obtaining 4/5 hours of autonomy), a Wi-Fi module (perhaps for OTA updates), and a mini HDMI, for the 720p output of video streams to TV.


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