ExelaStealer Alert: Malware Targets Windows Systems

A new infostealerto which the name was assigned ExelaStealerhas become the latest addition to an already crowded panorama of malware in the environment Windows.

It was to analyze the malevolent agent and describe it to the public James Slaughterresearcher of Fortinet FortiGuard Labswhich in a report specified as “ExelaStealer is a largely open source infostealer with paid customizations made available by the threat actor“.

The malware in question was written in Python and incorporates support for JavaScript. Among the features included, there are some that allow you to steal passwords, token Discorddata regarding credit cards, cookie, keystrokes, screenshot e contents of the notes.

ExelaStealer is offered for sale via forums on the Dark Web and through a canal Telegram specially created. The paid version costs $20 per month, offering cheaper subscriptions for longer times ($45 for three months and $120 for a lifetime license).

The “low-cost” nature of ExelaStealer makes it even more dangerous

The low cost of this malware makes it fearsome. In fact, there are many novice cybercriminals who use these tools to take their first steps in cybercrime.

There is evidence to suggest that ExelaStealer is distributed via an executable disguised as PDF documentindicating that the initial intrusion vector could be the classical ones e-mail phishing or other channels.

As far as users are concerned, the useful precautions always remain the same. Pay close attention to suspicious emails and attachments, it is now a must. Also click on link that lead to sites with strange domains can be very dangerous.

Keep your operating system up to datelatest version of Windows availableas well as using a antivirus reliable, are other practices that considerably help reduce the risk of infection on a computer.


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