Best Android, iPhone and Alexa skill apps to do gym exercises and train the body at home with cards, videos and animations

Do gym at home If we are forced to stay at home for work or out of necessity, we cannot always go to a gym to lift weights and train. In this scenario, some handy apps to manage workouts and follow physical exercise schedulesto be done at home even without the tools.

In the following guide we have collected the best apps to exercise from home using your phone, so as to effectively replace a classic gym. Besides apps we have collected also training skills for Alexato have a device guide you with your voice Amazon Echo.

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1) Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club The first app that we recommend using for home exercises is Nike Training Clubavailable for Android e iPhone.

This is one of the most popular and highly rated fitness apps by athletes and users. At the basis of its success we find many free workouts to strengthen the muscles but also targeted exercises for yoga and running. Inside the app there are video guides for all workouts, execution times, tips for improvement and personalized programs.

2) Sworkit

Sworkit Another useful app for training at home is Sworkitdownloadable free for 7 days for Android e iPhone/iPad.

With this app we will obtain training guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine and we will be able to obtain video workouts to follow the exercises from 5 to 50 minutes.

You can choose whether to train strength, breath, stretch, follow a personalized weight loss plan (also based on the weight goal we intend to achieve) or perform yoga exercises. All workouts can be done at home and at any time, without the need for gym equipment.

3) Daily Workout Apps

Daily Workout Apps
Among the best apps to do exercises at home and maintain the physical aspect we find Daily Workout Appsa number of different apps available for Android that for iPhone.

By choosing one of the apps indicated, we will be able to follow exercises to train different parts of the body.

We can therefore download the apps separately to train the buttocks, for the abs, legs, arms, cardio workouts, yoga and they are practically all free. The apps contain home exercise programs, with videos shot by certified personal trainers.

4) Recover Athletics

Recover Athletics Recover Athletics by Strava, free for Android e iPhoneis one of the best home workout apps, focused on recovery activities to get back in shape after a break.

These are physiotherapy programs to increase resistance, to recover strength and mobility and reduce pain.

5) Seven: 7 minutes of exercises

Seven: 7 minutes of exercises for Android e iPhone is a simple and minimalistic application, with 3D animated moves to follow to perform the proposed exercises.

Seven promises a full workout to achieve fitness goals of seven minutes a day. The required equipment is simply a chair and a wall so all the exercises can be done at home without problems.

6) 5 minute workout

5 minute workout 5 minute workoutfor free by Android e iPhone it is similar to the 7-minute app, even more focused on doing very quick bodyweight workouts to be repeated several times a day, occupying just 5 minutes of our time.

The exercises are tailored for those who start a workout after a long period of rest and for those who have little time each day, accompanied by 3D animations and precise instructions on how to perform all the exercises and how to perform the series with precision, concentrating the exercise in the limited time available.

7) Workout at Home

Home workout Home Exercises – No Equipmentfor free by Android e iPhoneis the app to use to train at home as if you were in the gym, doing exercises that don’t require the use of weights or other equipment.

The app offers video instructions, animations and training programs for abs, chest, legs, arms and buttocks and the whole body, including warm-up and stretching exercises, adaptable to any age: indeed, we find exercises for young people and for people later in life, so as to always remain active and young.

8) Freeletics Training Coach

Freeletics Training Coach Freeletics Training Coachfor free by Android e iPhone It was designed to build core strength and work your abs.

With an initial fitness test, the app creates a customized, personalized workout. Through exercises they are guided by a video, they can be done at home at any time and allow everyone to stay fit and develop muscles even without having to go to the gym.

9) Barre

Barre Barre is a free app for Android e iPhone which allows you to follow ballet lessons at the barre, easy to do at home.

By opening this app we will find new exercises for the barre every day, to follow with mini videos and many workouts to choose from based on the level of skill obtained or our experience with ballet or with exercises on the barre.

10) Skill Alexa to follow workouts

Skill Alexa If we want to use the Amazon Alexa voice assistant to be guided in workouts to do at home, it is possible to install some skills using the app Amazon Alexaavailable free since Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

Between varie Skill that can be activated you can find the 7-minute one, the 5-minute one, and other bodyweight workouts, to do push-ups, squats or abs, so you can keep fit by listening to Alexa’s times and answers during the exercises.

If we haven’t set up Alexa as a personal assistant yet, we can do it by reading our guides on how set up a new Amazon Echo and Alexa settings and about how connect Alexa and Echo to your phone.

11) More apps for workouts and exercises at home

The ones we have shown you above are not the only downloadable apps for training at home with exercises and Yoga. If we want to get other apps just try one of those available in the following list:

  • Wakeout! – Active breaksper iPhonewas awarded by Apple as the best application of 2020 because it offers basic physical exercises and workouts to do in the morning as soon as you wake up or during work breaks to relieve tension.
  • Fitify per Android is one of the best applications to follow workouts to do at home. The app provides workout tracking tools and videos ranging from yoga to HIIT cardio and strength training.
  • JEFIT Workout Trackerfor free by Android e iPhone is a bodybuilding app, for creating workout plans in the gym (not really for home workouts). It provides a variety of tools such as timer for rest and recovery breaks, a log of body measurements and a workout program planner.
  • Push Ups Workoutfor free by Android is the best app to do gym at home in the sense of body building without equipment, to do push-ups and to follow a plan for the gym and to train with weight lifting.
  • WORKITfor free by Android e iPhone is the combination of a workout tracker and a strength training app. You can create different training routines and track your progress. As an app it is different from the others because it doesn’t have videos, but only figures, tables and text instructions.
  • SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitnessfree for 7 days (then with subscription) on Android e iPhone is the fitness app for women only, featuring 28-minute home workout plans designed to tone up your muscles and have a perfect physique.
  • 30 day challenge is a very popular app for Android e iPhonewhere you can do a 30-day training program, with workouts, videos and exercises to follow and all the instructions to do them and improve your goal.
  • Pocket Yogacosts 3 Euros per Android e iPhone (later without subscriptions) and is one of the best Yoga applications, with 27 different yoga sessions of varying duration and difficulty, more than 200 yoga poses shown on the screen with voice and visual guides on how to perform them.

Let’s try them all, so as to discover the best app for exercises to do at home or to relax with Yoga without going to the gym or in a session.


Thanks to the apps in this guide, we will be able to train at home when we work in smart working (perhaps during the lunch break) or train when we are forced to stay at home due to illness or any other problem, so as not to have to depend on the gyms in order to maintain fitness.

Always on the same theme we can read our guides on how do fitness online with cards and videos and on the best PC programs for body training, to keep fit while staying at home.


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