Extracting random numbers, a card and tossing a coin or dice

Websites and iPhone and Android applications to extract numbers at random simulate the roll of the dice or the toss of a coin

Random numbers
Creating random events by owning a computer is really easy and it is not even necessary to install strange programs on the PC, since these generators are available for free on the Internet, we just have to open our favorite browser (both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are fine) and start the drawing of numbers, dice or playing cards by a lot.In this guide we see how to use free internet sites for the extraction of random numbers, of a card and toss of a coin or dice, so as to be able to entrust fate to the choice of a certain result or play to extract random numbers in a manner simple and immediate.

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How to draw numbers, dice, cards, and coin flips

Although the extraction will seem completely random to us, we remind you that the perfect randomness is not available through programs, since these extractions work through sophisticated algorithms designed to simulate randomness.

Site for generating anything random:

The website that allows generate random numbers and take advantage of some simple games like the roll of a die or the toss of a coin and is used to make games and bets, including private ones, and to extract numbers in lotteries. On the site you will immediately find a random number extractor, just select the minimum and maximum range of numbers and press the “Generate“. You can use this system for any draw you want to do online, for example to give away a prize or to draw the winner of a contest or game, being sure that is not influenced by anything or anyone, with an absolutely objective generation of randomness. On the homepage of they are also found some games based on chance and betting tools including the Dice Roller to roll one or two dice, the Coin Flip to throw a coin and make heads or tails; Playing Card Shuffler instead it is the extraction of a card at random from the deck.

However, the most popular tool on is the number generator to play for each lottery of the world. Opening the tool Lottery Quick Pick and setting as country Italy, you can extract numbers for the SuperEnalotto and WinForLife. exactly simulates the drawing of numbers in a lottery and becomes an alternative way to choose the numbers to play.

Extractions of numbers with

To extract random numbers from 1 to 90 (or other range of your choice) we can use the generator offered by

Using this site we can generate random numbers by entering the extremes of the numbers to be extracted, choosing how many numbers to generate and choosing whether to show them in ascending or descending order, then pressing the button Extract. For the Lotto numbers just enter 1 e 90 as extremes, choose extract 5 numbers from the drop-down menu present, and press on Extract.

Rolling the dice and extracting numbers with PiliApp

If we want to simulate the roll of one or more dice we can use the PiliApp site, which offers a really well done interface for rolling the dice.

To use the site correctly we choose the number of dice to roll, then press the button Lancia given to virtually roll the dice (moved by 3D animation). We can roll 1 to 6 dice at the same time and we can repeat the launches without limits.
From the same site, we can click at the top on Random Numbers and get another valid random number generator, to be used in conjunction with the dice roll tool, so as to open only one site for each draw we need.

Coin toss and dice with

Another interesting site to flip a coin or dice online is

By opening this site we can flip a coin to throw the Heads or Tails (50/50) by pressing the Pull button present under the fake 1 € coin in the shape of Asterix. To roll the dice, press up on Online dice generator, we choose how many dice to use and how many faces it must have (from 2 to 100 faces), then press the Roll button to launch.

App to extract numbers, throw coins and dice

Even from smartphones and tablets we can extract the numbers and roll the dice as seen on a PC, although the sites we have recommended are also manageable from a mobile browser.

The first app that we can use to draw a random number, to roll the dice and to do other types of draws is Random number, available for download for Android from the Google Play Store.
Random number

Within the app we can choose whether to extract one or more numbers from a precise range, whether to extract a list of random numbers, whether to roll the dice or to flip the coin for Heads or Tails, with a really good interface. neat and fast on any Android device.

Your iPhone we can perform random launches and extractions using the app Randomizer PRO, available for download from the Apple App Store.
Randomizer PRO

Using this app we will be able to generate random numbers starting from a precise range and also indicating how many numbers to extract each time, but we will also be able to flip a coin, throw one or more dice, choose a random color, generate a list of numbers, generate a random password or choose other interesting elements such as countries and dates.


Using one or more of the methods described in this guide we will be able to carry out an extraction of random numbers, a card and toss of a coin or dice with a level of randomness more than sufficient for home purposes or to have fun at home with friends or relatives. . Obviously nothing beats the randomness generated by live launches or draws, but these systems are a valid way to approach real randomness.

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