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Facebook and Instagram, the paid plan without advertising arrives: what’s new in Europe

Meta has introduced a major change to the world of its flagship social networks, Instagram and Facebook. Until now, the two platforms were totally free and did not include any paid plans, but the situation has now changed.

The company is launching a subscription that will be available only in the territories of the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland and which can be activated with a payment, with a different price based on the device you use. This is a concrete response to EU concerns regarding ad targeting and data collection.

Facebook and Instagram subscription plan, prices and benefits

The Facebook and Instagram subscription plan will have a different cost depending on the mobile device used for the purchase. Owners of iPhone and device supported by the operating system iOS to access this option they will have to pay 12.99 euros per month. Closed Androidwill have to bear a cost of 9.99 euros per month.

These prices will apply, initially, to all Facebook and Instagram accounts linked in a user’s Account Center, but to starting from 1 March 2024 additional tariffs will come into force of 6 euros per month on the web and 8 euros per month on iOS and Android devices, applied to each additional account that you purchase in the Account Center.

The subscription removes advertising from Facebookand Instagram and prevents all tracking, targeting and data collection activities. It is the ideal choice for those who want to protect their information and not receive advertisements.

The ad-free subscription will be available in Europe and Switzerland only to people who have turned the eighteenth year of age.

Free access to Meta products remains guaranteed. Those who do not intend to subscribe to use Instagram and Facebook will be able to continue to use the services without fear of losing their content and without having their current experience changed.

Paid Facebook and Instagram, the reasons for choosing Meta

Meta’s choice to introduce paid plans and to allow users to eliminate the concession of the processing of personal data for advertising purposes derives exclusively from the necessity to give a concrete response to the concerns and requests of the European Union and to the limits imposed by a ruling of the EU Court of Justice. The company declared this in an official press release.

Paid plans allow all users who wish to use their platforms for free, tacitly accepting the use of personal data for advertising purposes by Meta, and offer an alternative to those who want to prevent this from happening with their information.

However, Meta remains convinced of the importance of supporting businesses through advertising on platforms, e.g will continue to offer tools and products for creating effective advertisements on its platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

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