Facebook and Instagram: the subscription to remove ads is official, here's how much it costs

Through an official press release, Meta confirms what has already been suggested by recent rumors: in the countries ofEuropean Union (including Europe, therefore), in the European Economic Area and in Switzerland it will soon be possible to subscribe a subscription to remove ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram: how much will the subscription cost to remove ads

Facebook and Instagram will continue to be social networks free, it is important to clarify this aspect also given the growing discontent on the web due to information spread incorrectly. With the subscription available from November, however, users will be able to decide to get rid of advertisements.

Subscription costs are as follows:

  • €9.99 per month from the web
  • €12.99 per month via iOS and Android apps

The subscription, explains Meta, will be extended free of charge to all connected accounts until March 1, 2024. From March 2nd next year, however, you will have to pay an additional fee for each additional account (€6 per month from the web, €8 from iOS and Android apps). For more information, you can consult the Account Management Center.

Meta then specifies that the subscription can only be activated by adult users. As far as teenagers are concerned, however, the tech giant «continually strives to provide a helpful and responsible advertising experience in this evolving regulatory landscape».

Meta’s comment

«We believe in an advertising-supported Internet that gives people access to personalized products and services regardless of their economic status», writes Meta. «It also enables small businesses to reach potential customers, grow their business and create new markets, stimulating the growth of the European economy. And like other companies we will continue to support an advertising-supported Internet, including through our subscription available in the EU, EEA and Switzerland. But we respect the spirit and purpose of these evolving European regulations, and we are committed to complying with them».

«The ability for users to subscribe to remove adverts is in line with the requirements of European regulators and at the same time offers users choice and allows Meta to continue offering services in the EU, EEA and Switzerland. In its ruling, the CJEU expressly recognized that a subscription model, such as the one we are announcing, is a valid form of consent for an advertising-funded service».


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