Facebook and Messenger chat history: find, delete or download messages

messenger history Most online activities are preserved for posterity somewhere and surely Facebook is no exception. Not only can all posts and written comments be found and retrieved, but even chat conversations can be reread and, if necessary, also downloaded. Even if Facebook doesn’t have a section on its site or app that has the official chat history, there are still simple ways to find all the messages sent and received that Facebook keeps automatically unless they have been manually deleted. Facebook chats can be read either via the Messenger app or via the Facebook site itself. You can also find all the Facebook messages stored, even if they are hidden in another menu, and also the history of messages from people who are not on our friend’s list.
Let’s see then how to find all messages in the chat history of Facebook and Messenger, such as delete individual chats and also how to save all conversations on a PC.

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See the Facebook chat history from your PC

There are two ways to see all the conversations of the Facebook chat even the older ones:
1) On the Facebook site opened by PC, by clicking on the message button at the top right. Select the conversation to open it and then scroll up and down to see all messages sent and received. At the bottom of the list of conversations you can then press the link “see everyone on Messenger” which opens the web page www.facebook.com/messages, with the complete list of all conversations with friends or not.
On the left side you can press the gear button to be able to open different sections of messages including: Archived conversations, those that have been archived to remove them from the main list, Unread conversations to find all the messages never looked at and then also Message requests, which is a list of all the users who wrote to us without being our friends. These messages are always a surprise to look at because Facebook never gives notification of these requests, so we often forget about their existence. In the list of various Facebook chat rooms, you can find the old messages sent and received using the search bar top left.
2) on PC it is also possible to access the Facebook chat history also by going to the Messenger.com site, which is identical to the Facebook message page.

See the Facebook Chat History from your Tablet or smartphone using the Messenger app

As we have known for years now, the main Facebook app no ​​longer allows chatting with friends. To send private messages in the chat, you need to install the Messenger app on iPhone and Android. From the application, you can scroll down by going back in time until you find the chat you were looking for.
To do this first you can use the search bar at the top of the main Messenger page (the one that lists all your conversations) you can search the entire history to find any message.
If you use the app Messenger Lite, you can scroll through the conversations in chronological order even going to the last one, but you cannot use the search bar.

How to download all the history of Facebook chat on PC

If you want to download an actual copy of the Facebook history logs, you need to use a computer and open the Facebook.com site. From here you can press the small arrow at the top right of the main menu to open the settings from the drop-down menu. On the left side, press up Your information on Facebook and then, in the central part of the page, press up Download your information.
In the list of all the data, you can download, deselect everything except Messages, which is the entire Messenger chat history. After giving the confirmation, wait for the receipt of the email that shows the link to download all the messages on the PC in the form of a ZIP file to be extracted in a folder.

Delete Messenger history messages and Facebook chats

To delete entire chats in Messenger from your smartphone, you can swipe each conversation to the left to display the button trash can that permanently erases it. Pressing instead the button with three lines you can choose to hide it using the function that stores the conversation. You can then prevent a person from writing other messages by opening the conversation and then tapping the I button. From the menu that appears, press Block.
On PC, conversations can be canceled or archived by moving the mouse over the name of the person with whom they exchanged messages, then pressing the gear wheel that appears next to them. From this menu, you can archive or cancel the chat, block the person to stop receiving messages or disable notifications.

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