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messenger client on pc Who uses Facebook Messenger on mobile or Facebook chat on the website, can take advantage of some programs and apps to keep Facebook chat on PC without having to open the Facebook site, so as to always remain connected with friends as you would with the smartphone.
These are very comfortable applications, not only to have a bigger space in which to read and write, but also to be able to share photos and videos from the PC with friends, to make calls and video calls from the computer, to be able to remain online all the time you want and, at the same time, to really see who your friends are online, which is not possible on the site (you can only see some friends online, not all of them).
Then, I best Facebook Messenger clients for Windows 10 (which also work in Windows 7), ideal for send, receive and check Facebook chat messages.

1) Facebook Messenger client for Windows and Mac PCs, of which I have already spoken in another article, is a simple client of Facebook Messenger Desktop for Windows, Mac and also for Linux.
The user interface is the same as the Facebook Messenger website, it can be used with a dark theme and allows you to send text messages, audio messages, videos, emojis, stickers, etc.
You can also use voice call and video call and you can read the history of all received and archived messages.

2) caprine is an elegant program released in 2018 that allows you to chat on Facebook Messenger without opening the site chat, finding all your friends online.
Caprine is an open-source Facebook Messenger client for Windows that loads faster than other programs.
Among the special features, there is the dark theme mode and using custom styles, with some useful options such as the ability to mute notifications, block to the recipients the read message indicator and the “I’m writing” indicator.

3) Franz is the program that combines Facebook, Whatsapp, and other chats as well as Slack, Skype, Telegram, etc.
Obviously, due to its ability to unify various chat services, it becomes very convenient for those who want to stay online on a PC, at the same time, on all the apps as you would with a smartphone.
Speaking of Franz as a Facebook Messenger client, among its functions is the possibility to check messages in various folders such as received messages, archived and unread messages, to make voice calls and video calls.

4) If you don’t want to install a program, but keep Chrome open almost always, you can install it Facebook Messenger on Chrome to have the chat always at hand while browsing online and reading other sites that are not Facebook.

5) Chit Chat is an old program that should still work on Windows PC to have Facebook chat in a traditional way, similar to the old MSN Messenger.
Chit Chat was developed only for Facebook so it does not integrate other instant messaging services, it is very light and free.
In addition to chat, it also allows you to send private messages and write on others’ walls.

6) Pidgin is a truly ancient OpenSource messaging software, but still maintained and updated.
Pidgin works as a centralized messaging system where different communication protocols can be added constantly, allowing you to chat with your Facebook contacts, Discord, ICQ, Slack, Skype, Telegram, Steam, Whatsapp, WeChat, SMS, OK Cupid and others.
The problem is that for each service you need to install the related Plugin, which can be downloaded from the Plugins links on the official website.
Once you have configured Pidgin, to start you will simply need to add a new account and select Facebook as a communication protocol.
With this “Facebook Chat” so you can see who of the Facebook contacts is online, with relative photo and status phrase and chat on Messenger with the old desktop windows.
Another advantage of Facebook Chat with Pidgin (I don’t know if that’s still the case though) is that you don’t have to log in to Facebook even to accept requests to add contacts, all Facebook notification messages will be treated as e-mail messages and integrated in the Pidgin interface, to read and interact.

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