We want to retrieve the email we used to sign up for Facebook but we don’t know how to do it? Do we try to contact Facebook to report a problem but cannot in any way find a telephone number, an email address or a physical address of this company? If we need to retrieve the information we showed you earlier, in this guide we will find all the answers: we will show you how view and possibly change the email address associated with Facebook at the time of registration e how to recover contacts for the Facebook company, so you can leave feedback or report an irregularity or a problem with the platform or some users.

View or change your Facebook subscription email

All the settings regarding our Facebook email can be found by opening the website of the famous social network, by logging in with our credentials and, once in the home, by clicking on the arrow pointing downwards at the top right and later on Settings -> General.
Facebook information

The main email associated with Facebook can be seen in the field contact info. If we wish cambiare the primary email address we click Edit next to the email address already present, we then select the item Add another e-mail address or mobile number then we add a second address. Once the new address has been added, let’s set it on the same screen as the main one (by checking the box next to it) and delete the old address by clicking on the button Remove.
Email Facebook

At the end of the addition, we click below on Save changes. Facebook sends a confirmation email on the main address, with a warning and a link to cancel the operation in the event of an error. Also in this menu, we can prevent our email address from being saved by other users with the utility for Download your Facebook information, simply by checking the appropriate box just below the email addresses managed by the site.

If we can no longer access because the password has been forgotten or because the registered mailbox no longer exists, we can still retrieve our account using the recovery procedure described in the article on entering Facebook without a password if the account has been hacked.
To further increase the security of our account we recommend that you activate two-factor authentication, as described very well here -> Secure authentication to access Facebook, Google, Amazon, and other services.

Contacts and addresses to contact Facebook (company)

If we want or need to contact Facebook as a service company, we have gathered below all help pages and contact information available for the Facebook company, so as to choose the best method to contact from time to time.

  1. Facebook help center: this web page is the starting point with which to search for any kind of help on how to use the social network, how to block pages, people or sites, how to re-access your profile again or to be able to ask for any other needs.
  2. Recovery of blocked or disabled accounts: if our account has been mysteriously blocked and is no longer accessible, we can use this Web page to provide our credentials and find out what happened to our profile, so as to regain full access in a few hours ( rarely it could take a few days).
  3. Reporting a privacy violation: if you suspect that some other user, app or the Facebook page has violated your privacy, we may use this website to provide a complete picture of the situation and attempt to resolve (where possible).
  4. Reporting violations of copyrights: if we own a work of art, a brand or a product and we notice someone who openly violates this right, we can report it on this web page to have Facebook controls intervene (which in most part of the cases will close the profiles of those who exploit registered trademarks without permission).
  5. Generic Facebook email address: to send an email with a description of the problem, we will only need to use the address [email protected].
  6. The physical address of the Italian branch of Facebook: the company has an office in Italy, located in Piazza Missori, 2 – 20100 Milan.
  7. The physical address of European headquarters of Facebook: the head office that manages the site at the European level is located at Hanover Reach 5-7 Hanover Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland.
  8. The physical address of Facebook’s central office: the administrative headquarters of Facebook is located in the United States, precisely a 1601 S. California Ave Palo Alto, CA 94304.

At the time of writing we do not have an Italian telephone number to contact, while the European office number is available (+353 (0) 1 653 5373) and the number of the main office in the United States (+1 6505434800), which we can only contact if we have a data plan with calls to numbers abroad and we can speak perfect English (since the other party on the other side of the phone will answer us in this language).


Whether we need to change our e-mail address with which we registered on Facebook or if we are looking for company contacts, in this guide we will find everything we need so that we can always keep the information we have shared on the site at hand. and the most useful contact tools.

If we wish to contact Google for assistance or to report problems, we recommend that you read our guide on All ways to contact Google for assistance or information. Do we want to report the fake news we came across on Facebook or Twitter? In this case, we advise you to read our guide on How to report Fake News on Facebook and Twitter.


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