Facebook for work: Goal towards definitive closure of the service

Facebook for work: Goal towards definitive closure of the service

Apparently Facebook for workcompetitor of tools such as Slack o Microsoft Teamsnow seems to be headed towards sunset.

As reported by the site TechCrunchin fact, the platform of Meta now has a real “expiration date” set, with a dismantling process that will begin on August 31, 2025. The Meta spokeswoman confirmed what was just said, Ashley Zandywho during an interview announced the day Facebook for work will cease to exist.

The service, previously known as Facebook @ Work, was originally an internal tool of the well-known social network from which it takes its name. The release to the public, which took place in 2016, apparently did not warm up the users and, in fact, the platform will return to being used only internally at Meta.

Goodbye to Facebook for work: it will return to being an internal tool for Meta employees

Users who rely on this tool, however, will have time and ways to find alternative solutions. In fact, we are talking about an instrument that gives September 1, 2025 until the June 1st 2026 will remain available, even if only with functions related to data reading and export, before the definitive cessation of services.

To celebrate the farewell, the company has decided to offer one 50% off% to Facebook for work users starting in September. Furthermore, to facilitate the transition of its customers, Meta has decided to facilitate the transition to Workvivowhich is part of the same platform as Zoom.

While the service experienced a period of great success during the pandemic, it experienced a gradual decline in the months that followed. The ruthless competition, with the presence of “bulky” competitors such as the aforementioned Teams, combined with the entry of additional tools, have certainly not made things easier.

Meta, for its part, today has other priorities. The technological giant, in fact, is concentrating its energies onArtificial intelligence.

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