Facebook formalizes the “Sharing to Reels” function

Thanks to the new function just made available to third-party app developers, users of the latter will be able to share their creative short videos even among the Facebook Reels, gaining a new audience.
Facebook formalizes the function

After the launch on Instagram in an anti-TikTok perspective, the creative short videos known as Reels were brought by Meta (formerly Facebook Inc) also on Facebook, first in the USA, around September and, at the end of February, globally, gradually being enriched with new tools not only for editing, but also to help creators monetize, with advertising to which the Stars digital coin mechanism (token style) will soon be added.

With the aim, also in this case, of popularizing even more the Reels of the social network, Meta, which at the presentation of the quarterly report of the fourth quarter of 2021 had mentioned this content format as the one “by far the fastest growing”, has thought of borrowing what has already been done with the “Sharing to Stories” function which allowed developers to equip their own third-party apps so that users could route their respective contents directly in Facebook Stories.

Everything will happen, they say from the Menlo Park headquarters, thanks to the launch of the new “Sharing to Reels” function, presented on Tuesday 5 April by the company on the official blog dedicated to developers.

Thanks to the new function, known as “Sharing to Reels” (more or less: “Share in Reels”), users will no longer have to download their short videos created creatively with other apps, and then upload the results to Facebook but, more simply, by acting on the button – function above, they will be able to pass their contents in the Facebook Reels editor, where they can embellish it with captions, music, stickers, text and various effects, and then move on to share it with a audience they would otherwise never have reached.

At the moment, Meta’s product director John McCarthy continued in the explanation, on day one of the launch of the “Sharing to Reels” function, the apps of some partners are already prepared, such as VivaVideo (by QuVideo Inc), Smule (app of karaoke, by Smule) and Vida (by Snow Inc), with the other developers interested in implementing the “Sharing to Reels” button who will be able to find useful information for this purpose on the page prepared for the initiative (developers.facebook.com/blog / post / 2022/04/05 / new-way-to-share-to-reels-on-facebook).


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