Facebook, how to contact support

Facebook members are numerous and continue to grow despite the proliferation of new platforms. That makes it one of the most loved and well-known social networks in the world. What makes him appreciate the numerous features made available and the simplicity of use, which allows you to interact with other users and carry out activities without having difficulties and without having to frequently contact customer support.

Despite the ease of use, Unforeseen events and problems can happen with your account or with other items that require the intervention or support of qualified personnel. The ways to get help or to report a bug are different and some allow you to get quick answers: let’s discover all the Facebook contacts.

  • 1. Facebook help center, how to use it

    Most of the problems or difficulties encountered on Facebook are easy to resolve and do not require the intervention of specialized personnel. Just visit the Facebook Help Centeravailable in multiple languages ​​and easy to consult.

    In the appropriate bar you can indicate the keywords of your problem, carry out a quick search and find the necessary answers. Alternatively, you can navigate between the different sections present (Using Facebook, Account Management, Privacy, Safety and Security, and Policies and Reporting) and identify the most relevant solution.

    It’s the fastest way to solve a problem, since other contact methods requirelonger waiting times.

    Per access the Facebook Help Center from the web connect to the platform using your preferred browser and log in with your credentials. On the home page, click on your profile picture located at the top right and click Assistance and support. Choose Service center and navigate between categories and enter a phrase or word to search for relevant articles.

    If you are using the mobile application, log in with your credentials and click on the menu by selecting your icon at the bottom left. Tap on Assistance and support and choose the voice Service center. Use the search bar to locate useful content or browse through categories.

  • 2. Facebook support by phone

    Receive Facebook support by phone it is extremely difficult, almost impossible. Telephone assistance is not among the methods designed by Meta to offer support to users, although there are numbers that can be called (+1 650-543-4800 and +1 650-308-7300)

    He answers the numbers a pre-recorded message which invites you to visit the Facebook help center and the Meta support page. In the future it could happen that the numbers are disabled or reassigned: in any case, if someone replies asking for personal and financial information and data it is advisable not to provide them. This could be a scam attempt.

  • 3. Facebook support via email

    Emails are among the main methods of contacting companies’ support services, but Facebook discourages their use. However, in the past it has provided some addresses where you could write for help and support.

    These include, to be used for general matters,, for press-related matters. You can try sending a messagebut the answer is not guaranteed.

  • 4. Contact Facebook on X (formerly Twitter)

    Many companies are present on X, Elon Musk’s social network which was previously known as Twitter. Through the platform it is possible to provide rapid assistance and relevant answers to specific user questions.

    Although it can be considered a competitor, Meta, the company that owns Facebook, Instagram and other platforms, also has its own official profile on announce news and disseminate information.

    Through a tweet intended for the official Meta profile or, better yet, for the Facebook one, you can try to receive support, but the response is not guaranteed.

  • 5. Report a problem to Facebook

    If you want to report a problem or send feedback to Facebookyou can proceed both from a personal computer and from a mobile device.

    If you connect from a PC you need to click on your icon at the top right, choose Assistance and support and click on Report a problem. You may decide to click Help us improve Facebook to provide feedback on your experience or on Si an error occurred to report a problem.

    In the appropriate form you can indicate an area of ​​intervention, provide a description of the problem and add a screenshot or video to clarify the nature of the problem.

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