Facebook: lots of news for groups, goodbye Premieres, Facebook Watch app leaves tvOS

Between one controversy and another, Facebook goes on its way, removing some deadwood, such as apps and support functions, and introducing some new innovations (in terms of groups).
Facebook: lots of news for groups, goodbye Premieres, Facebook Watch app leaves tvOS

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Although involved in controversy regarding what is happening in the USA regarding the right to abortion, the well-known social network Facebook has not failed to release various news in favor of its users, also with the aim of increasing involvement in and for groups . All while other elements, including functions and subsidiary apps, are set aside.

Specifically, the social network has warned its users that, from 22 August, the “Premieres” video function will be removed, which allowed to broadcast a pre-recorded video, without the necessary presence of the page maintainer: from that moment, to emphasize a date or an event, it will be necessary to either start a common live streaming, or schedule a video post.

A further deduction made by Facebook concerns the Facebook Watch app (used to watch videos and livestreams) whose support has ceased for tvOS and on Apple TV, with the platform inviting you to watch social videos at facebook. com / watch, forget about the fact that there is no browser on tvOS and that, therefore, you will need to mirror the contents from your iPhone via the AirPlay casting protocol.

Fortunately, there are many news that Facebook is releasing, albeit all in reference to groups and with a roll-out initially reserved as a test for a few users. The first novelty concerns a list of the groups you are a member of, placed in a sidebar, at the bottom of which will be included options to pin up your favorite ones, to create your own group, or discover new ones. With regard to each group, the latest activities will be mentioned (eg chats and posts) and there will be shortcuts to content of various kinds, including events, channels and conversations.

Within the groups, then, a menu will appear, including items such as shops, events, or channels. About the latter, the admin will be able to create three types, to ensure that, in large agglomerations, we can relate to the topics of interest.

The community chat channels are text chat rooms where you can send comments or text messages on specific topics: inactive users, when the chat is full, will be removed, but will be able to re-enter it. The audio channels (Clubhouse or Discord style) provide that admins and users can enter and exit them when they want and, if necessary, turn on the camera. The feed channels are subgroups created by admins “around more specific interests” with lots of suggestions of those recommended that you could join.


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