Facebook position history with map of all movements

displacement history We were left that on Google Maps it is possible to see all the places where we have been in a chronology recorded silently, but constantly.
As I explained a while ago, Google records all the places we go from the smartphone and allows you to manage the location history or disable it if you prefer.Well, while for Google Maps it is now known, not everyone knows that too also Facebook does the same thing e keeps track of all the movements of the people who have the Facebook app installed on the phone (ie practically anyone).
The tracking of the positions of Facebook, which serves to exploit features such as that of nearby friends or to quickly share the position in Facebook statuses, is visible on a special online page, visible only to us and not to other people, with all movements marked on the map.

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Who uses Facebook on mobile, although he had never activated this feature (which is active by default) he will then be able to review all the trips made in the past days and weeks, place by place, with incredible precision that is almost scary.
The recording of the chronology of positions on Facebook is something that few know, which could really surprise.

The page to go to is at https://www.facebook.com/location_history/view/, whose access is password protected, which must be reinserted.
You will then see the list of all the places where we have been today, yesterday and in the past days, with the time we were there, with the map on the right which highlights the precise points we have passed and stopped.
On the page, you can press the button with three dots next to each day to delete the history only of that day.
Instead, you can press the button with three dots at the top right to find the option that eliminates all the history.

How do I turn off location history on Facebook?

To deactivate the registration of all the places where we go we need to open the Facebook app on the smartphone, go to Settings and privacy> Settings> Location and turn off the position history switch.
Even better, you can uninstall the Facebook app and instead use the site that also keeps the phone faster and less overloaded, without giving up all the features.

Location history on Facebook it is also visible from the Facebook activity register by pressing the relevant button on our profile.
From the activity log, click Other (under Photos I like comments) in the left column and then on “position history“.
This information is visible only to us (and to whoever enters our account) and can be deleted by pressing the prohibition button next to each survey.

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