Facebook privacy management: Settings and control

With the recent scandals involving Facebook in the last few months of 2018 (the data collection case from Cambridge Analytica requires a check of all Facebook Privacy settings, to know who can read our writings, who can see our photos and who can use our personal data for commercial or electoral purposes or for any other purpose.
Facebook, which has never been very clear with its privacy management options, has tried to order this 2018 in order to allow even the less experienced to understand what the various settings mean in order to modify them more easily.To order, we see here the most important parts of the Facebook privacy settings, in order to check what is visible to the outside, friends and application managers, and what can instead be hidden and kept private.

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First of all, the page to adjust and control Facebook’s privacy settings can always be reached from this link, https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=privacy and is also present in the Facebook application settings for iPhone and Android.
as we shall see, however, not all of Facebook’s privacy management options can be checked from the settings page.

1) How to hide personal information

Even if it is a personal choice to keep some personal information public, it is better to hide as much as possible.
Facebook provides a check for each type of personal information and it is possible to make sure that they are not visible to everyone but only to friends or even close friends.
To create friends lists, just open this special page and start ordering.

To hide other personal information on Facebook, you need to open your profile and press the button Information.
Leaving aside the overview, it is convenient to click one by one on each line of the list on the left to change the privacy level of the various information.
By moving the mouse over each item, you can press the key that changes the privacy level and the information itself.
After each change, the key must be pressed Save to make it effective.
Keep in mind that the symbol of the world means public while the icon with the facets means visible to friends.
It is also possible to completely hide special information such as the telephone number so that it is visible only to me and to anyone else.

2) Hide other people’s posts on our profile

If not configured, it is possible for all friends to write on our Facebook profile, which is a really annoying thing because it creates disorder and because it forces us to read and give feedback on something that may not be of interest to us.
To avoid having your diary filled with external interventions, you can do two things:
– Completely prevent others from writing on our profile
– Limit the visibility of others’ posts by hiding them from everyone except us.
These options are controlled from Facebook settings, going into Diary and addition of tags.
The first two options, those in the Diary section, allow you to decide:
Who can write in your journal?: where you can put it Only me (this will prevent friends from making birthday wishes so visible on the profile)
Who can see what others are posting in your journal?: you can put Solo io to hide all posts written by others on our profile.

3) Change the visibility of all posts already published

Facebook allows you to change the visibility of all posts already written in a single solution so that if they were visible to everyone, they become visible only to friends.
This is also the fastest way to remove old posts from Facebook that you wouldn’t want to be searchable by strangers (even if you have to check that your friends are trusted)
To do that, go in Settings -> Privacy and on the right click on the option
Do you want to limit the audience of posts you have shared with friends of friends or with everyone? and press the button Limit past posts.

4) Use the Knowledge list

This is a function that only a few people use, but that becomes the most important when it comes to Facebook privacy management.
Putting some friends in the list of acquaintances is a way to hide posts from certain people, leaving them visible only to the main friends.
This way you can limit the audience of your interventions, without removing any friendships.
Adding to the Facebook acquaintances list can be done by pressing the button Friends, in the profile of each person.

5) Control of the people who can search for us and contact us

Facebook gives the opportunity to hide and prevent other people from finding our profile and contacting us to ask for friendship.
Especially those who receive too many requests and those who do not want to be found by old school friends, instead of using a fake name that cannot be done, can use this option to hide from the Facebook search engine, from Google, and from everything.
These options are in Settings> Privacy, in the section:
How people find you and contact you

From here you can decide who can send us friend requests, who can see our friends list, who can find us from our email address, who can find us by phone number and who can find us on Google.

6) Check the photos and facial recognition

Managing tag options means checking who can post photos with our name.
We have seen in another updated article what it means to be tagged in photos on Facebook and how facial recognition works.
Photo tags can be locked in diary and tag settings where it is always convenient to activate the option to check the tags in the photos before they are published in our profile.
As for facial recognition, this is automatic from Facebook and allows you to suggest tags in the photos in which our face appears.
This can, however, be deactivated from Settings> Facial recognition.
If people who post random articles about your history annoy you, you can change the privacy setting of the Facebook timeline. With the help of this approach, in practice, you close the doors of your history for everyone. It means that no one on your friend list will be able to post to your timeline.

7) Remove access to third-party apps

This is the part of privacy settings that have been most updated by Facebook following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
Going into Settings> Apps and websites you can control the applications that can read our data and block them if they are not recognized or if they are never used.
Note that the apps have been divided into active, expired and removed.
The expired ones are applications authorized in the past, which will now require a new authorization to access.
From the box of Apps, websites and games you can press the Modify button to completely deactivate the platform for external apps.

As you will notice, the setting has been removed Apps used by others, which was what allowed Cambridge Analytica to steal information from millions of people, even though its app had only been used by a few thousand.
More information on this section is in the guide on how to prevent Facebook from transferring data to external companies and applications.

8) The page of Basic information on the privacy of Facebook describes, divided by sections and with the help of graphics, all the options that can be modified to protect the profile from strangers and decide who can see what.
The instructions of the guide are written with the aim of making them understand even to the less experienced of technology, highlighting many tools to protect privacy, dividing it into four distinct categories, with subsections.
You can, therefore, learn all about Privacy management, on account security, on the advertising that appears on Facebook and on the latest Facebook news.
The most important part is that of privacy control, located at the bottom of the privacy management instructions page.
You are then guided into a procedure to check the current settings in order to change them immediately if you notice something strange or you don’t like it.
You can then check who sees my posts, who sees the activities of the applications and who sees details of my profile.

Under the security section, you can do the security check of the account which is even more important, because it allows you to change passwords, activate access control and to disconnect old logins made from PCs or mobile phones no longer used.

In theĀ advertising section, you can ask not to appear in the ads and advertisements.

To finish, I refer to the guides for hiding Facebook profile and make yourself invisible for those who really want to remain private.

I close by saying that my profile, which basically speaks only of technology, is entirely public, so if you read me, you are also my friends so if you like, add me to your contacts or, better still, become a Pom-HeyWEB Fan !.


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