Facebook: the increase in engagement via Stories-style notification bubbles is being tested

Thanks to the reports of some users involved, evidence emerged of a test, conducted by Facebook, to keep users easily updated on the publication of new content from their contacts.
Facebook: the increase in engagement via Stories-style notification bubbles is being tested

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The last big update relating to the social network Facebook took place just a few hours ago, when it emerged that the blue-dressed platform is willing to say goodbye to its recent audio initiatives. Nonetheless, from Menlo Park, which is also involved in new antitrust problems in Germany, new initiatives have arrived to increase user involvement in the social app.

Recently, Facebook released the data of the last quarter of 2022, highlighting the achievement of 31 million new active users per day, for a total of 1.96 billion DAU (daily active users). The problem, however, is that these nannies do not realize how much time users spend in-app, with the likelihood that many will only perform a check-in, and then move on to other platforms, including – in the social field – it stands out. TikTok. Aware of this, the parent company Meta has launched a test discovered by several users, and reported by social media expert Matt Navarra.

According to the shared screenshots, Facebook in particular is experimenting, in the upper part of the interface, within the notification carousel, some Stories-style notification bubbles to signal the presence of new content by users highlighted in the bubbles.

The novelty in question, which could obviate the fact that the reorders favored by the algorithms could cause you to lose some updates, but also help to remember that your most important connections are active in-app, mainly responds to the need to keep in touch with the their friends and with what they share: this is done simply by touching the notification bubble of a given user, as a result of which the user is led to view a list of the latest posts shared by that given user.

At the moment, in any case, it seems that the novelty in question, for which a possible complete implementation plan is not known, appears to be being tested only by some users. In conclusion, a little taste of rumors related to Facebook’s next moves. According to the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, the social network is working (curiously in the same period in which Twitter began to test the similar Circle function) on a function known as Close Friends, rather similar to the one introduced some time ago by its cousin Instagram

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