Fake McAfee Pop-up on Google Chrome: the scam spreads

In recent days it has been spreading online, among users Chromea worrying scam.

In fact, during navigation, a pop-up which, referring to an update of theantivirus McAfeeif clicked it can infect your device with a malware.

Although this type of scam is nothing new, the pop-up appears quite realistic and is misleading a large number of victims. In the window that appears, specifically, cybercriminals leverage urgency, stating how the computer has been infected by a trojan and how you need to update your antivirus as soon as possible.

How to spot a fake McAfee pop-up?

As pointed out by McAfee, the cybercriminals operating in this context are quite cunning. Despite this, there are some useful warnings to identify the scam and avoid real disasters.

Specifically, the creators of the aforementioned antivirus underline how necessary it is:

  • Observe the information shown from the pop-up before clicking on any item;
  • Check for any spelling errors or the presence of a unprofessional tone in the proposed texts;
  • Pay attention to the details (for example, in some cases it is written McAfee with the letter “a” lowercase);
  • Checking the URL to which the user is directed: if this does not point to the official antivirus website, it is undoubtedly a fake.

Furthermore, if no type of McAfee software is installed on the device, it is obviously impossible for the appearance of a pop-up of this kind to be considered real.

What to do if a fake McAfee pop-up appears?

Experts confirm that, in addition to not clicking on any link proposed to the potential victim, it is still important to act promptly.

The second step is to clean your browser cache, disabling extensions active e removing the same. Finally, adopt software antivirus adequately, it can help prevent or block any infections.


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