Best programs to transfer files between computers, both on the network and connected to the internet, for Windows PCs and Macs, free, without limits.

File transfer
We have seen, in a general article, how to share files between PCs and access shared folders on Windows, Linux, and Mac, but in most cases, applying network sharing between folders and taking advantage of SMB (the most used protocol for network sharing) involves tedious configuration procedures, not difficult to apply but still laborious for a user looking for speed, reliability, and ease of use.If we are a beginner with computers we can speed up file sharing to the maximum by using programs, strictly free, which make the quick and easy file transfer between computers and between PCs on the network, both between computers of different people connected in different networks, via the internet.

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How to quickly transfer files between computers

Among these programs, we exclude cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, which work well, but always require an internet connection and only to transfer files between personal computers (although both have the function of sharing files with others).
Transfer files between computers are easier if you use the wifi connection or use comfortable web apps in a creative way, obviously without the use of cables, without size limits.

1) File pizza

File Pizza is the best place to transfer files between home computers or even miles away. The only thing to do is to select the file to send and keep the page open until the downloader completes the download after receiving the link. There are no limits in the size of the file, you can also transfer entire folders, it allows you to upload a file online and generate links and it can also be used to transfer files between computers and smartphones, Android and iPhone.

2) FileDrop

FileDrop is a simple program to transfer files between different computers such as Windows and Mac. Start it on both computers to send files from one to another, if they are connected to the same wifi network, by dragging and dropping them. The program is free, with no file size limits, also available as an app for Android and iOS to transfer files to mobile phones.

3) Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is the ideal app, for Windows and Mac, to transfer files between computers in the office or even between PCs not connected to the same wifi network. We have already seen this program in the guide on how to transfer everything via the web between Android, iPhone, and PC. Send Anywhere gives you full control over the files and folders you share and the transfer takes place via a P2P connection, without going through an intermediate server. The program is free, with no size limits, which allows you to also transfer folders, excellent for internet transfers, available for iPhone and Android.

4) Imp

Feem is a program similar to Send Anywhere, which works very well, although not fully free but with a premium version that is requested a bit insistently.

5) Nitroshare

Nitroshare is an app for PC and Mac, which lacks some features, less simple, but still free and without limitations.

6) CloudApp

CloudApp, compared to other similar programs, is based on a cloud service for transferring files over the internet. can he make a copy of a file on the internet by simply dragging the icon that appears near the clock at the bottom right, it automatically shares the screenshots created with the Stamp button and allows you to generate a file-sharing link. The problem with CloudApp, available for Windows and Mac, is the limits of the free version that allows you to send a maximum of 10 files per day, no larger than 25 MB, which will be deleted after 3 months.

7) ShareIT

Another valid application that we can use to quickly transfer files between computers is ShareIT. With this app installed we will be able to quickly access all the computers on the local network (all with ShareIT already installed) and exchange any type of file and folder without limits.

8) LanXchange

Another simple and immediate application to transfer files between computers is LanXchange. Once installed on all the computers in our possession, it offers instant access to shared folders, without having to go crazy among the system options and making the most of the speed of the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.


These wonderful applications are yet another example of how Ethernet or USB cables are now obsolete and how even USB sticks are now objects of the past: we download and try all the apps above in order to find the right system to transfer files between Windows and Mac computers.

Finally, in another article, the fastest ways to share files with everyone on the internet, using online services. If we want to discover other useful programs we can read our guide to Programs to send large files from PC for free without limits.


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