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When a person searches for a software or a VPN service, the goal may be to overcome the geographical restriction that does not allow them to view the contents of a site from another country or to want to effectively protect their privacy on the Internet. A typical example of the first case is linked, for example, to an Italian abroad who wants to see, for example, RAI channels from the website or to connect to NetFlix in Italian or other streaming movie services such as Sky.
In the second case, however, it is simply the will of a person to make it completely impossible to trace their Internet connection, in order to use it by hiding the sites they visit and the messages they visit from possible hackers, the network provider, or even government agencies. send on the net. You don’t have to be a cybercriminal to want privacy, you can also be a normal person who can’t stand being spied remotely.
As already pointed out, VPN is the best way to protect online privacy and that is why we dedicate an article to the best Premium VPN services ever, so you can choose paid services (which always offer something more than free solutions).READ ALSO: Best VPNs to have Italian IPs from any country

Best paid VPNs

In this article, where we see the Best VPN with subscription making an exception to the rule that it wants this site as a collection of free resources, it becomes necessary because most of the Free VPN they have important limitations. First of all, many free VPNs are limited in the amount of available bandwidth and speed. They, therefore, become useful services for occasional use, but not for those who want to surf the internet behind a VPN all the time and for those who want to watch streaming videos. Furthermore, in many cases, free VPNs collect user data, thus defeating the goal of privacy.
On the internet we can find numerous VPN services to subscribing to that I am among the most popular, which don’t cost much, which guarantee the highest level of privacy and protection, that they do not limit connection speed and traffic bandwidth, where you can choose how to locate the connection to have full access to a country’s sites that are blocked overseas (also including Netflix, SkyGo, Sky online, Rai, etc.).


NordVPN is one of the best-paid VPN services when it comes to the speed and amount of servers, in every country in the world, to connect to disguise your internet connection.

NordVPN allows you to connect up to six devices simultaneously for one account and is the highest number for proven services.
Another advantage of this service is that you can choose which server to connect to depending on whether the goal is to download in P2P or if you want to watch TV channels in streaming or for other purposes, so as to always obtain maximum speed on any device. (we can install the NordVPN app on Windows, Mac Android, iPhone, Android TV Box, and on Fire TV Stick). NordVPN offers high security, as it provides double data encryption (Double VPN or Tor-over-VPN).
NordVPN provides various plans to subscribe, and the cheapest is offered at $ 5.12 per month (but for 1 full year).


ExpressVPN is the VPN of choice if we are looking for maximum network speed – in fact, it is as if there is no VPN!

Easy to install, the Express VPN app can be downloaded on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android and allows you to choose the server to access the network and locate where you want your connection (even in Italy). The only limitation of ExpressVPN is that, in its basic license, you can use a maximum of three devices connected to the network simultaneously, therefore PC, smartphone, and console. ExpressVPN is a great way to watch geo-restricted content such as Netflix, BBC, Rai, and other online TV, which also seems to work from China (for frequent travelers there). ExpressVPN has no speed, no bandwidth limitations, and no restrictions on downloads and streams.
Express VPN has an annual subscription of $ 7.23 per month (with an annual subscription), which you can cancel after the first month and ask for a refund.


IPVanish is a VPN that offers a large number of servers to pass your internet connection through, more than 750 in 60 different countries.

Costs can vary greatly depending on the location and origin of the server, but online anonymity and full download speed are guaranteed, even when we download torrents or use it in conjunction with a TV streaming service. IPVanish allows up to five simultaneous connections to the VPN and can also be configured on your home router, so you can immediately connect all devices without having to download the app (however available for any platform). The price of the most attractive subscription is $ 6.49 per month (if you have subscribed for one year).


VyprVPN claims to be the number one choice of gamers around the world, offering the best compromise between speed (always very fast) and connection protection.

The company owns its servers located in every country of the world and uses hardware specifically designed to manage high-speed traffic even under full load, redistributing it dynamically: in practice, there will never be a slowdown in the internet connection or bandwidth restriction. in the busiest moments. VyprVPN’s security features are top-notch with multiple encryption protocols that ensure data encryption and maximum privacy. VyprVPN also offers custom geo-location options to bypass almost any type of censorship and view any content blocked overseas.
It is currently one of the cheapest paid VPNs, as it offers an annual subscription for $ 3.75 per month and a two-year plan for just $ 2.5 per month.


One of the best free VPN services is without a shadow of a doubt ProtonVPN, which offers a truly free and unlimited free VPN, although you can access a very small number of servers; if we want to use this service with multiple servers, just get a Pro user license.

This VPN service allows you to connect up to 10 devices at a time, offers servers from 10Gigabit per second, respects privacy on each connection, adopts advanced encryption systems, and a strict no-log policy, to fully comply with Swiss laws (where the company’s headquarters are present). Currently, you can purchase an annual ProtonVPN subscription for € 8 per month (fast connection up to 5 devices); if instead, we want to save further, it is also possible to subscribe to the two-year plan at 6.63 € per month.

Other premium VPN services

If we’re not satisfied with the premium VPN services we’ve seen so far, we can also try one of the services listed below:

  • PureVPN is one of the cheapest on this list, which remains among the most popular VPNs in the world. Currently, it allows you to try the service for 7 days for $ 1 and, if we decide to continue, the annual subscription is offered for $ 6.49 per month.
  • VPNArea, which seems to have been created for Italians abroad who want to see Italian TV and Netflix movies in Italian (also because it is less known). VPNArea Costs $ 4.62 per month for the annual plan.
  • AirVPN is an open-source program, excellent for watching Italian TV abroad and blocked movie sites such as Netflix, among the most popular for those who want privacy and connection security and also ease of configuration. AirVPN is very cheap, you can buy it for only 3 days for € 2 (perfect for a trial or for short holidays or stays abroad), or you can pay € 7 for a month or € 49 for a year.
  • Malwarebytes VPN can be considered one of the most secure. the VPN secures connections with AES 256-bit encryption, and the service does not keep logs of online user activity. The service has over 180 servers in over 30 countries and uses the new WireGuard VPN protocol with new protocol faster than existing VPN protocols such as OpenVPN and IPSec. Malwarebytes VPN is available in subscription to MalwareBytes Premium, so it costs $ 84.99 per year.
  • Avira Phantom VPN is probably the easiest VPN to use, as it also offers a free app that works really well (albeit limited); once you have tried the free service we can immediately activate a Pro license for € 7.95 per month or by paying the annual subscription for € 59.95 directly.


By choosing one of these premium VPN services, we will get the maximum in terms of security and in terms of connection convenience from abroad (when we want to access Italian services) or to foreign services (to watch US TV or sites like Hulu and Netflix USA ). An already configured VPN becomes essential to surf freely in countries such as China, Turkey, and others that apply censorship and checks on all types of connections: we just have to remember to configure the smartphone or computer when we are in Italy, since the sites for downloading VPNs will not be accessible in censored countries.

If we don’t know which VPN to choose, we can rely on some very precise parameters in terms of privacy and data sharing, as seen in our in-depth analysis How to choose a secure VPN that doesn’t spy and doesn’t share data.
If, on the other hand, we are looking for browsers with an integrated VPN, we recommend that you read our guide to Browser with free VPN included to open anonymous sites.


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