FBI and White House mobilize to stop Volt Typhoon botnet

FBI and White House mobilize to stop Volt Typhoon botnet

A sophisticated one botnetorganized by the Chinese cybercriminal group known as Volt Typhoonis spreading rapidly in the United States.

The structure, consisting of a huge number of home routers and small businesseshas taken on worrying dimensions overseas, so much so that the same White House has taken to the field to block cybercriminals.

Second Reutersin fact, the American government has asked theFBI to dismantle the botnet, putting an end to its activities. Infrastructure has spread across various American sectors, ranging from that government all’ITwithout saving defence e public utility services.

The main objective of the botnet controlled by Volt Typhoon is to keep the American territory of Guam under control, which has become strategically important as a result of tensions between China and the United States, especially with regard to Taiwan. A friction that has already seen various types of cyber attacks in the past.

Volt Typhoon botnet scares US

According to Reutersin recent days several meetings between the government and the White House have taken place representatives of technological giants. The purpose of these meetings would be to monitor Volt Typhoon’s activities. On this occasion, the American government gave authorization to the FBI to intervene harshly to dismantle the botnet as soon as possible.

Since the government and the FBI did not want to make any statements on the matter, it is therefore not known how the government agency is actually working to put an end to the cybercriminals’ operations.

On the other hand, it is not the first time that the FBI intervenes to dismantle botnets and similar infrastructures. Just think of the operation with which the agency (with the collaboration of the police of several other countries) has identified 700,000 computers spread all over the world who were part of the botnet Qakbot.

Despite the hard blow inflicted, Qakbot somehow survived but the story involving Volt Typhoon could have a different ending.

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