Fearsome trojan spread via fake Chrome update

The spread of malware and similar malicious agents, through updates for the browserThis is certainly nothing new.

To the long list of these campaigns carried out by cybercriminaliwe add one identified in recent days by researchers Juices. We are talking about a Trojan that, once activated, grants unauthorized access to infected devices, all through a fake Chrome update.

The malware, named FakeUpdateRUis nothing more than a remote access trojan (better known as RAT). This serves as a “starting base” for more complex attacks carried out by cybercriminals, such as campaigns ransomware and similar.

The results, for the victims, can be catastrophic, both in terms of losses and sensitive databoth with regards to possible thefts of money o di cryptocurrencies.

Apparently, the phenomenon is quite broad in scope and, for this very reason, it intervened directly Googleblocking the majority of domains exploited by cybercriminals.

Fake Chrome update: Google intervened by blocking the domains involved

Security experts have analyzed the trojan which, due to several characteristics, is the infection known as SocGholishlinked to the cybercriminal group Evil Corp. Despite this, researchers believe the two malicious agents are not created by the same people, but are part of the arsenal of two distinct and competing gangs.

On the other hand, the phenomenon of fake Chrome updates is often used as bait to mislead users. In this regard, it is very important to behave responsibly.

Any type of update, be it browser or any other software, must be done by relying on the official website of the service. At the same time, equip your computer/smartphone with a antivirus can help counter phenomena like FakeUpdateRU.


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