Feminine sites with online games for girls, fashion, clothes, shopping

Top 20 websites dedicated to younger girls, with games and pastimes dedicated to fashion and romance.

Games for girls In this page dedicated entirely to girls, we see some pink sites, those that collect types of free online games to play directly on the internet, without downloading anything.
Most of the female games are characterized by a colorful graphic, with bright and lively tones and with figures drawn in cartoon style.
Even if at first glance they seem to be dedicated to younger girls, some of these games have fun and entertainment components suitable for all women who want to find some relaxation and recreation.

The themes of these games are, roughly speaking, linked to activities such as the kitchen, the fashion, the make-up, the hair, shopping, virtual life even in a romantic way, pets and so on, all things that men can hardly interest.

Below we see the best online games and women’s sites dedicated to women.

1) Lady Popular it’s a browser game, in Italian, for women only, where you live virtually the life of a girl to which we must do different activities to grow and become a successful woman.
After registering for the game, you can create the virtual character, choosing the look, the name, the clothes and clothes, the hairstyle, accessories, shoes, glasses, hats and so on.
The Lady will then have to work and experience the city, having fun with friends and doing shopping.
You can shop around, go to the hairdresser and buy new clothes with the money you earn by working.
Then there are various mini-games with online challenges to be done against friends registered in the game to kill time and you can also treat a pet.

2) Another browser game for girls it is My Diva Doll only that it is in English.
The graphics are very colorful and manga-style, the woman who virtually impersonates herself can be dressed to taste, made-up and can be bought, with fake money to earn with work, accessories, and jewelry.

3) Girls Game is a series of web applications or online games in Italian that can entertain both girls and women.
Among the various games, the best ones are to make-up the girl with a complete set of tricks for lips, eyes, cheeks, etc; the one to create a fashion show, dressing the models and becoming famous designers and the game to create jewels like virtual goldsmiths, with diamonds and precious stones, with silver gold and platinum.
The site requires free registration with an Email address but it is not necessary to play minigames, just click on “Play now”.

4) From UbiSoft, the site of Giulia Passione, the famous Nintendo Ds videogame which has had a great success all over the world.
On the official website of Giulia Passione, there are some free and playable online mini-games immediately.
Among these, we have Giulia Passione Protection Animals where sick animals are treated as veterinarians.
Giulia Passione Avventura is a detective game, set in school.
Giulia Passione Stylist, to create fashionable clothes and dresses.
Giulia Passione Cucina, allows you to create recipes and cook with the proposed ingredients.
There are also many other crafts to try in mini-games: the journalist, the teacher, the painter, make-up artist and beauty expert, party organizer and others.

5) Fashion Week is a new Zynga game on Facebook where girls can create clothes from scratch and design models as real designers.
Beyond creation, there is also the sales phase in which customers must be satisfied and money must be accumulated for their own boutique.

6) Girls Go Game is instead the classic website that collects lots of games for girls and girls to play online.
The site is in Italian and well organized with games grouped into categories: Animals, Adventure, Celebrities, Dolls, Fashion Show, Beauty, Music, Coloring, Princesses, and others.
The whole site is dedicated to the female world so it will not be possible to find games for males or harder content.
In addition to the minigames, there are also some more complex animated games like make-up and dress up or that of riding, creation, fashion, make-up, clothes, little dogs, romanticism.
This site, perhaps the largest in the world, is visited each month by 8 million teen girls in the US alone.

7) The site is also very nice Giochidiragazze.com, with lots of little one’s animated games dedicated only to the female world.
In this section, you can find beauty games, dress, for girls, to decorate and many others.

8) In another article, there are virtual games with 3D chats similar to Second Life, suitable for girls but also for boys who want to create their own parallel life.

9) On the site Universodelgioco, there is a vast collection of selected games among the best taken from the sites in English.
There are games for flirting, those dedicated to cult films like Twilight, those for dressing Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and other American stars and those dedicated to the Bratz with games to dress the dolls.

10) If you like dolls you can not go on the official websites of Winx, the official website of the Bratz and the Barbie page, all with a free section of dedicated games.

11) On the site DressUp there are lots of games for girls and boys, with sections for celebrities, for the Bratz, for Barbie, with games to dress, make up and color.

12) The international site Titter.com offers a lot of games for girls with very colorful graphics and suitable for women with a section of Love Games with romantic situations.
Another site full of flash games also in Italian is SmallDressUP.

13) Stardoll is a beautiful site in Italian dedicated to girls and the female world because it allows you to enter a community full of games and fun pastimes.
In addition to the possibility of being able to create a personalized virtual avatar with a choice of different hairstyles, tricks, clothes, clothes, and accessories, you can also play in fashion, shopping and furnishing (with virtual money).

Finally, I remember the sites with web applications that allow you to use your own photo to put on makeup online with different makeup, to try different hairstyles and haircuts and to try on clothes in real online clothing stores.

I know there are millions of sites with online games for girls, so if you know others to add to the list, let them know!


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