Thanks to one of its most loyal subsidiaries, Xiaomi has brought its recent Fengmi V10 4K smart projector to the global market, elegant in design, complete in multimedia even with an engaging sound system with Dolby Surround.
Fengmi V10 4K: Xiaomi's new smart projector official

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The famous Chinese brand Xiaomi often turns to partners to expand its list, as just happened with the subsidiary Fengmi, thanks to which the Fengmi V10 4K smart projector made its debut on the global market, through the importer Bangood. , proposed only in the Sunset Gold color at a price of around 1,525 euros, with a 20% discount – for the global launch – compared to the next full price, of approximately 1,906 euros.

The new and compact (210 x 200 mm) but not light (3.8 kg) Fengmi V10 4K projector comes with an elegant design, and a cylindrical shape, almost like a Bluetooth speaker, in the name of a perhaps not random form factor, seen that the device is also equipped with an elaborate audio system, consisting of two 7.5W speakers and a 15W subwoofer, capable of supporting a multichannel stereo output (Dolby Surround).

Basically, the Xiaomi Fengmi V10 4K projector takes advantage of DLP technology and uses an LED light source: the images, resolved in 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels), with a 10-bit color depth, and 8 million active pixels ( therefore you benefit from values ​​capable of supporting high dynamic range in the HDR10 + format), they are also very bright (2,500 ANSI lumens), so that, even in the brightest scenarios, they can be coloristically rich and sharp, and can reach a diagonal even 180 inches, thanks to the 1.27: 1 shooting ratio.

To animate the Xiaomi Fengmi V10 4K projector is the quadcore processor (1.3 GHz) Mediatek MT9669 with Arm Mali-G52 MC1 GPU which, assisted by 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, improves the fluidity of images via frame interpolation ( MEMC), upscales to 4K from 1080p, and uses artificial intelligence to autofocus images and multi-directional distortion correction (to make them look perfectly square every time). There is also the smart detection of the projection screen, thanks to which the size of the projected image is automatically adapted to that of the screen.

Sources can be routed to the projector using AirPlay 2, Miracast, but also using the HDMI (ARC) port with some features in homage to gamers, such as low latency at 12 milliseconds and the ability to play at 240 Hz frame rates.


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