ADSL and Fiber internet coverage verification pages on the fixed network for operators: TIM, Fastweb, WindTRE, Vodafone, Tiscali

Fiber cover
When we move house or move to another city, the first thing to check is the Internet coverage available at the home, so as to immediately find out which technology we can use (optical fiber or ADSL) and the maximum speed we can reach. The positive fact is that, in addition to Telecom, we can also choose other telephone companies to have the Internet at home, choosing the one that offers the best price combined with the best achievable speed.
We will, therefore, show you in this guide how to check the Internet coverage (ADSL or Fiber) of the fixed network in Italy for the various Italian operators: Telecom, Fastweb, Vodafone, Wind3 and Tiscali.
We always try to focus on fiber-optic connections (FTTH or FTTC), since ADSL connections are now too slow to keep up with modern web services and streaming services.

How to check fiber optic coverage in the USA

In the following chapters, we will show you the best web tools with which to check Internet coverage at the indicated address, so we can know in advance if we will have fiber optics in the house or we will have to settle for ADSL. This could make the difference if we have two or more houses that we have aimed to rent or to buy: we can also choose the one that offers the fastest and most stable connection.
In addition to the sites where there is a generic control of fiber optic and ADSL coverage we will show you the sites of the various operators, where it is possible to quickly carry out a coverage check; to obtain the best results we always compare the data obtained, so as to avoid scams and rip-offs.

How to check fiber or ADSL coverage

To immediately check the presence of the optical fiber in the chosen address of our new home, simply carry out a check on Fibermap.

Within the site, simply choose the region, the province, the city, and finally enter the address and house number, so as to obtain information on the available connection technologies.
The best technologies are:

  • fTTH: fiber right into the house, with a maximum speed of 1000 Mega per second;
  • EVdsl: fiber up to the enhanced cabinet, with a maximum speed of 200 Mega per second;
  • VDSL: fiber up to the cabinet, with a maximum speed of 100 Mega per second.

If we notice the presence of the word Yup next to the technologies indicated, we will be able to benefit from the fiber optic technology in its various variants, sure to have a very good service in any case (we will hardly get speeds below 50 Mega per second, even in bad line conditions or with a distant control unit). To learn more about the difference between the various technologies, I invite you to read our study VDSL, FTTC, and FTTH fiber: which differences and which is better?
If instead, we notice the presence of the word No alongside fiber technologies, we will only be able to activate ADSL, which in most cases will be limited to 7 Mega per second.

TIM coverage (Telecom)

A person who enters to live in a new house, the first thing he must do is to check on the Telecom site if the condominium or home is covered by the network, that is, if, physically, the house is connected with a cable to the control unit. In addition to this, it is necessary that this plant is not too old and not full, which often happens outside the city, where there is a low population density.
To check the coverage of this operator, simply go to the TIM coverage page and enter the municipality, the street and the house number where we want to activate the line.

The system will verify both internet coverage (both in fiber and ADSL technology) and will also show you the estimated speeds in case of activation (to be compared with Fibermap data). It is not necessary to indicate a phone number for this verification.
If the verification is successful, we can also sign the contract directly online, taking advantage of the offer of the moment by clicking on the button Continue; if instead, we notice that no TIM coverage is available, the other operators will hardly do better so it is better to try an Internet subscription without Telecom.

Alternatively, we can also use a new coverage verification tool on the Wholesale TIM website. From this site, we can click on Bitstream NGA is Vula to check the coverage of the FTTC and FTTH optical fiber.

Fastweb coverage

If TIM offers are too expensive or we want to obtain FTTH coverage without paying for TIM constraints we can choose Fastweb as a new telephony operator.
As for speed, Fastweb and Telecom are now practically on par, considering that in many secondary municipalities Fastweb offers the FTTC borrowed from TIM (with prices in many cases lower or in any case without contractual obligations).
To check the coverage of Fastweb just open the Fastweb AVT website and enter the address of the street where we want to activate the new line.

Once the address data has been entered, we start the verification and check the type of technology offered, as well as the average speed parameters provided in case of activation.
If we are interested, just scroll down the page and check the offer currently active, so we can subscribe to the new subscription directly online.

Vodafone cover

One of the best operators for speed and extension of the network is certainly Vodafone, which offers a good site to check Internet coverage.

On the Vodafone website, we must first of all click on the Home offer available at the moment, then click on Activate online and immediately enter the entire address of the new home, using the automatic street filling system.
In this way, we can immediately check the type of technology offered and choose whether to subscribe to the chosen subscription directly online.

WindTRE coverage

If we want to save a lot on the monthly Internet subscription at home, we can view the coverage of the Wind 3 operator, known in the past as Wind Infostrada or Infostrada.
Wind 3

By entering your route directly in the offering box (on the right) you will get a good summary of the minimum and maximum speed that we will be able to obtain, as well as a quick description of all the steps and costs that we will incur.
As for the other operators seen so far, we can immediately subscribe to the online subscription or be called by an operator to finalize the contract.

Coverage Tiscali

Another telephony operator that we can consider to save money and still get good speeds is Tiscali, which offers its own Internet coverage check page.

From the homepage we press the button Discover on the available home offer, insert the address of the home and check the technology that can be used, so as to decide whether to buy the subscription online.


Checking the coverage for fiber or ADSL is relatively simple, but surely many users will not have full confidence in the data reported by the operators, given that the rip-off is always lurking (especially with ADSL).
To avoid any kind of problem, we always compare the speed and technology data offered by all operators, so that we can choose from time to time the one that costs less and offers the highest possible speed (also in the form of an estimate or graph of the average speed).

To search the details of the Internet offers for the home we can also read our article on Better, cheaper, faster and more reliable home internet offers.
If, on the other hand, we wanted to test the actual speed for the new line, we invite you to read our guide ADSL and fiber test: how is internet speed measured?


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