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FigJam AI, how Figma’s generative AI works

Figmathe famous one tool per il web designpresents the new suite of tools based ongenerative artificial intelligence: FigJam AI.

The new features are responsible for help users in project management of work, creating ready-to-use models to be used on the “collaborative whiteboard”.

In this way, participants in a work group will not only have access to different types of projects to use when needed, but will also have more time to focus on the most urgent tasksletting FigJam AI handle the rest.

Let’s find out more about these new features.

FigJam AI, the new artificial intelligence functions

Quite simply, the new smart features are there to create preset templates to be used for different purposes, from teamworkuntil to meetingspassing through the brainstorming sessions and for all those activities to be carried out together with your team.

With function Generafor example, the user can start from one textual description and obtain the content he needs, specifying, first of all, the functions he must use and then the various steps to include in the project.

Naturally, artificial intelligence will assist the creation process step by step, even suggesting some predefined descriptions that may be relevant to the work to be performed.

Once the description has been acquired, FigJam AI will process the information available, quickly creating the requested project, with the possibility of make changes during construction and manage the scheme as you see fit.

The function Orderinstead, has the task of automatically group the “stickies” (the post-its with personal notes) organizing them by common themes to ensure more efficient management of your whiteboards, based on conceptual macro-areas.

The function Summerizeinstead, has the task of summarize the information taken from the various sticky groups to give the user an overall picture of the various notes taken over time.

Both new features can be used with Jambota widget based on ChatGPT which the company launched in August.

When new features arrive

FigJam AI is already available in open beta from November 7th and, for the moment, it is free for all customers of the platform, regardless of the type of subscription.

It is currently unclear whether the AI ​​features will remain open to all subscribers to the service or whether, in the future, they will be associated with certain accounts.

These innovations on the web design platform, according to official statements, are only the first step towards a series of further tools based onartificial intelligenceeffectively representing the starting point towards new ways of using it that will be implemented in the future.

The discussion on AI, therefore, will become increasingly central and increasingly strategic for this system, so that all users can benefit from its enormous potential but in a careful e responsible.

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