List of sites and apps that are telephone directories to trace the address and name of an unknown telephone number.

Identify number
When we receive an unknown call and we want to find out who it was and we are afraid of having missed a very important call, we can get help from some valid free web services, which at no expense or cost can provide valid indications on how to find address and name from the phone number. All the sites that we will report to you are also excellent for finding out if the call received was from a call center or if it came from some company known and present online (now everyone leaves at least one telephone number on the web, the search will be really easy).In this guide we will show you how to find out who called from a landline or mobile number and trace them (where possible) name, surname and address; obviously we will not always have access to all the information, but it is always worth trying before giving up, given that the Internet is a really valuable tool from this point of view (ie looking for information).

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Find out your address and name starting from a number

We assume that not all telephone numbers can be identified: to receive information on a certain telephone number, it must be present in some public directories or reported in the “Contacts” or “Contact us” page of any company. To be as precise as possible and find the address and name from the phone number we will therefore often have to use multiple tools together, so as to be able to cross-reference the data and retrieve the information we are looking for.

How to find address and name by number

If we suspect that the unknown number belongs to a company or to a freelancer (with a VAT number), we can immediately obtain the information about it (including the address) using the free service offered by White pages, which we can consult from the official website.
White pages

With the free service Look for who called you, we can obtain useful information on the unknown number that tried to call us from the landline or mobile phone; if it belongs to a company, to a freelancer or to a citizen registered in the public telephone directory, we will see it appear after entering the number and pressing Search for, all the data we are looking for, including name, surname, and address.

Another service that we can use for free to find addresses and names from the phone number is Infobel Italy, accessible from the official website.
Infobel Italy

InfoBell is in fact a superphone directory that allows you to search for companies and people starting from the landline number. The Italian section is more similar to White Pages online, and you can search who a number belongs to or enter Name and / or Surname and / or city to find the landline number of a private individual or company. In its phone book you can find the name and address of a person or company from the landline number or, vice versa, find the number by putting the name. The peculiarity that makes this service unique is that for a name found, the internet search can also be started immediately to see if he has a Facebook profile or if there is information on other websites.

Another very interesting site to find address and name from the phone number is Telephone directories, which we can use by opening the official website.
Telephone directories

This site collects all the data of the telephone directories present in Italy (including those intended for companies) and allows you to search for information starting from a simple telephone number; to proceed, enter the unknown number in the text field and press the Search button to start a complete search, which will lead (in most cases) to obtain all personal information, even more so if the number belongs to a registered company or to a freelancer.

If we want to broaden the search to all the telephone directories in the world (useful in case of calls from abroad), we can rely on the service offered by ThisNumber, which we can consult from the official website.

In the page that will open, click on the Select Country list and choose the country from which we want to start the search, then choose one of the sites indicated to start the search for information on a number. If our number is from the United States, we can start the search from the site itself by scrolling down the page and entering the number in the field U.S. Phone Number Lookup.

Very efficient service in finding address and name from the phone number used is Unknownphone, which we can use from the official website.

By opening this site, all we have to do is type the unknown number into the text field and start a search, which will show where possible all the information on who made the call, even in the case of annoying numbers or numbers not easily identifiable ( typical of annoying calls received from call centers).

Search for information via Google

If previous search methods didn’t lead us to anything, we can broaden the search right away using Google as a search engine for personal information, taking us to the famous official page that many users use as their browser homepage.
Number search

With a little luck we will immediately find the number associated with a company (we can also find the box at the top right) or the activity we are looking for, just click on the most interesting link or that we like the most to get more information.

Find address and name from a smartphone

If we receive an unknown call from the smartphone, we can identify it both by using the services listed above and by using apps designed to immediately identify the calls we receive, often with name and surname showed from the first ring received!

In order to immediately obtain the address and name from the phone number on the first call received, we will have to use the app on phones with the Android operating system Google phone, downloadable from the Google Play Store.
Google phone

By installing this app and setting it as an app for managing calls, we will receive, from the first ring, useful information on who is calling us; in some situations, we will also get the name, surname, or name of the company so that we can immediately obtain the information we want without having to search far and wide. In addition to identifying the callers and the app also allows you to block those immediately identified as spam, so as to block even the serial annoyers.

To also identify the mobile phone numbers that call us we can rely on the app Sync.ME (also useful for synchronizing the address book with Facebook), available for free download for Android and iPhone.

This app allows you to perform up to a maximum of 5 daily searches for free, more than enough to be able to find an address and name starting from a phone number or get a name that you can search later on Google or on social networks.

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While many users may raise privacy concerns, these services are all legitimate: they share information that the user himself has decided to provide on the web or when registering for some service. In the case of companies or freelancers, being visible on the web facilitates the search for new customers so the information is always present, you just need to retrieve it.

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