Find duplicate files and compare the differences between images and texts

Find duplicate files If we have many files to delete, it may be a good idea to start from duplicate or duplicate filesso as to eliminate the superfluous and recover a lot of space on the computer disk.

Many Windows tools allow you to search for music files and compare images and lyrics, so you can check the differences and delete only the oldest (obsolete) file.

In the following guide we will show you in detail i programs to find duplicate files and compare the differences. We will show you both the free downloadable tools on any version of Windows and the methods available on the operating system, to quickly search for duplicates without programs.

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1) CCleaner

CCleaner Among the best programs to find duplicate files we find CCleaneralready famous for free cleaning of the PC from temporary files but also equipped with special functions for searching for useless files on the computer.

To find duplicate files with CCleaner we open the program on our PC, press on the menu Toolsclick on the item Find duplicates and configure the parameters present in the window, so as to be able to search for matches by name, size, modification date and file content (useful for comparing the differences between images and text).

Always from the same screen we can exclude some types of files or specify the folder or disk where to search. After the configuration, just press the Search button to find the duplicate files on our PC.

On this program we can read our guide on how power up CCleaner to eliminate any traces from your PC.

2) Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder Another possibility to find duplicates on disk is Auslogic Dupicate Find Finder which presents different criteria to identify duplicate images, texts, documents, music, videos, zip and rar archives and much more.

This valid program removes duplicate files on the system using a simple wizard, ideal for those who want something effective and immediate.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder allows you to preview duplicate items found on your system, so you can choose whether to delete them or keep them on your PC. Its effectiveness is guaranteed by an intelligent algorithm that compares file names, size and date of creation or modification, as well as being able to compare their content.

3) CloneSpy

CloneSpy A very powerful and effective program to find duplicate files and compare the differences between images and texts is CloneSpyavailable free for all versions of Windows.

This program allows you to find all duplicate files by analyzing items with the same content but performing deep searches for files with the same name or with other characteristics in common (such as the same content, the same creation or modification date or the same CRC hash).

At the time of writing it is without a shadow of a doubt the most powerful program to find duplicate filesbut it certainly requires a minimum of practice to learn how to use it.

4) Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate Cleaner Another valid program to find duplicate files is Duplicate Cleaner.

Duplicate Cleaner identifies every single duplicate file and returns a list with a list of files. You can add multiple folders to watch; you can also search for image files only or audio files to find music twice in your computer.

The verification is not only in the file name but also in the size, creation and modification date and internal analysis of the “MD5 Hash AlgorithmThe software comes with its own file preview utility, so even you can view the images right inside Duplicate Cleaner to check if they are really duplicates or not.

The nice thing is that all the duplicates found can be removed, moved to another folder or, you can create a hard disk so that the duplicate is deleted but its icon remains where it was before.

5) DoubleKiller

DoubleKiller Con DoubleKiller we can search for all duplicates and copies of all file types using any combination of name, size, date modified, and contained data.

The results are displayed at the end of the scan and here you can manually or automatically select the files to delete.

The standalone program comes as a free version but there is also a more sophisticated paid version. Caution: deleting duplicate files can be risky and not recommended when I’m in the way system files and files located in the Windows folder. DoubleKiller should never involve these files in its search but I advise you to pay attention just the same.

Other programs

If the programs seen so far are not enough for effectively find duplicate files on PC we can take a look at the recommended applications below:

1) Dup Scout scans the computer and finds all the duplicate files on the disk, dividing them by categories and types.

2) AllDup is a program with eight different search options that you can combine to find all the duplicate files on your PC. You can search by name and extension, by size, content (byte by byte), author, file modification date and creation or link date. If you select to search by file content, you can choose to ignore ID3 and EXIF ​​data. In the search options it is also possible to enable scanning of the contents of ZIP and RAR files and to exclude files that are larger or smaller than a certain defined size. Filters allow you to exclude files and folders from scanning.

3) To compare folders and check the files inside them you can also use DiffDir which allows you to check the files in two folders to find similarities and duplicates.

4) Duplicate File Eraser is a free software that allows you to search inside folders and sub-directories, including hidden files and system files to find duplicate files, using file comparison algorithms.

5) The program WinMerge allows you to compare two versions of a text document, even Word, by placing them side by side on the screen and automatically applying different colors to the various sections to highlight the differences. You can drag paragraphs from one document to another, mix them and use automated filters.

6) Compare Two Lists has a dual pane interface, which allows you to compare lists or any text content. The free program only supports plain text documents, .TXT.

7) dupeGuru is one of the best duplicate file finder with rules, filters, empty folder removal capabilities and smart search for music and pictures. Of all the duplicate finders tested, dupeFinder is the simplest, as well as good.


Using one or more programs indicated in the guide we will be able to find duplicate files and compare the differences between images and textsso as to delete useless duplicate files and also compare documents and photos based on their content, deleting only obsolete files (even if they are perfectly identical to the most recent files).

To learn more we can read our guides on how compare two similar Word or PDF texts to see differences and how free up space on OneDrive.

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