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IPhone 12 chargers

Apple never ceases to amaze: in fact, for its iPhone 12 it has decided, in a very environmentalist gesture, to give up inserting a magazine inside the package, displacing a large part of fans and users who have decided to focus on the Apple phone. In fact, we will end up with a phone worth thousands of euros without the possibility of being able to charge it properly!

Leaving aside Apple’s environmental drifts, it is not possible to leave all new enthusiasts on foot: it is true that a longtime Apple fan will probably have dozens of chargers and cables compatible with iPhone 12, but this choice forces new Apple users (those who previously had Android smartphones) to purchase a charger and cable separately, increasing profit margins for accessories (perhaps Apple’s real goal masquerading as an environmental need). In this guide we will meet the needs of new users, showing you best iPhone 12 chargers and the best Lightning cables that can be associated, so as to avoid the purchase of original Apple products and save something.

Chargers and cables for iPhone 12

As mentioned in the introduction we will show you below the best chargers and cables compatible with iPhone 12 (in any version), so you can charge your phone without problems. For this guide we will avoid showing you the original Apple cables and chargers, very expensive in relation to the models shown below.

Quick chargers for iPhone 12

The first loader model we can consider is the PowerArc Super Mini 20W, available on Amazon for less than € 25.


This charger has a USB Type-C port with fast charging compatible up to 20W, so you can easily connect any iPhone 12 with very long charging times: we can recharge 50% of the battery in just 30 minutes.

Alternatively we can also focus on UGREEN quick charger a 20€.


With this charger we will have two USB Type-C ports with support for fast charging up to 36W, perfectly compatible with iPhones and with all latest generation smartphones. On the charger there is also a small bright LED, to be able to ascertain the actual passage of current and to be able to find the charger even in the dark.

Another good charger compatible with iPhone 12 is theWall charger of €15.


On this charger we have four 30W charging sockets, with a USB Type-C port and a normal USB port, to which we can connect the old charging cables. The charger is optimized to charge two devices at a time, so we can use it to either charge the iPhone 12 or another phone (Android or another iPhone).

If we are looking for a wireless charger for the iPhone 12 we can focus on the KKM Wireless Charger, available on Amazon for less than 10 €.

KKM Wireless

By connecting this wireless charger to a wall socket (we must still use a fast charger, such as one of the ones seen above) we can recharge our iPhone 12 wirelessly, simply by placing the phone on the charging surface.

If, on the other hand, we want to recharge the iPhone 12, the Apple Watch and the AirPods with a single device, we invite you to take a look at the raide Wireless Charger 3 in 1, available on Amazon for less than € 30.

Charging stand

With this charging stand we will be able to recharge any iPhone, Apple Watch and the new AirPods equipped with wireless charging, so as to be able to keep everything charged without having a thousand cables on the desk; to use it all we have to do is place the various devices in the appropriate slots and wait for the end of the recharge.

Lightning cables of various lengths

Although a Lightning cable is included in the iPhone 12 package we can choose others longer and more practical to use, especially if the chosen charger is far from the point where we want to keep charging the Apple phone. For convenience we will only show you the cables that have a USB Type-C socket and a Lightning socket, which are currently the best for charging iPhones 12 (we can get the charging speeds promised by the original chargers).

The cheapest cable we can view is the Rampow USB C Lightning Cable, available on Amazon for less than € 15.


With this two-meter long cable we will be able to recharge any iOS device, using the fast charging function (present on the latest iPhone models but also on other devices). Alternatively we can use it to transfer the charge from an Android phone to the iPhone, so as to never run out of power.

Another certified cable that we can use to charge an iPhone 12 is theESR Cavo USB-C a Lightning, available on Amazon for less than € 15.

ESR Cable

This 1 meter cable features a braided wire, which ensures excellent resistance to creases and the most tortuous peaks, so as not to be damaged even when used on the road or in the office. The cable supports all charging currents for the iPhone 12, so we can combine it with any of the chargers seen in the previous chapter.

Another cable that we can use without problems on the iPhone 12 or for other modern devices is the set of Cavi USB C a Lightning for less than 15 €.

Charging cable

This set has two 2-meter cables features a nylon weave, which guarantees maximum resistance even when we bend the cable or carry it with us and allows you to quickly recharge any iPhone 12 or another recently built Apple (for example iPhone 11 ).


By choosing a charger and a cable among those recommended above we will be able to recharge our iPhone 12 at a high speed without having to spend a fortune on the original Apple accessories which, even if they offer some more features, can cost up to 10 times the price of any accessories seen in this guide.

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